Kurt Angle Reveals Retirement

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  1. http://www.pwpix.net/pwpixnews/headlines/361060564.php
  2. Good for his body, I suppose. Would be nice if this retirement year was in WWE.
  3. IMO that's what he means by a "retirement year". I could be wrong, but it feels so right :dawg:
  4. Yeah, since I'm supposing it won't be in TNA because he mentioned the TNA years before he said that, and I don't think he'd spend a year touring the indies, he just doesn't want to reveal that he's going to WWE but we know he is. :dawg:
  5. I wish in this 2 more yrs he has a PPV matches and feuds with the likes of Magnus, Joey Ryan and Rockstar Spud, and possibly Doug Williams. I also hope he and Joe tag up a little to feud with Aries and Roode in 2013.
  6. I wonder if he'll have a title reign just once more.
  7. I'm pretty certain he will return to WWE (where he became a star) to finish out his career. All ex-WWE guys eventually come home, Angle will be no different. There's plenty of people in the WWE right now that he's never worked with that he could have good/great matches with - Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Del Rio, Sheamus, etc.
  8. even though I'm a TNA mark Angle returning to WWE will be massive.
  9. Hopefully no, he had plenty of them in TNA, plus the title scene is just too stacked now for Angle to be added into it.

    Just a few more feuds with rising stars in the upper card scene would be cool.

    I'm wondering with who should he have his last TNA match? A couple of options for me:

    - AJ Styles (long ass history with him, great series of matches)
    - Samoa Joe (same as Styles)
    - Bobby Roode (BFG 2011 rematch)
    - Magnus (Magnus "retires" him out of TNA)
    - Wes Brisco (yeah, I know, but it is an option)
  10. This will be bad. One of the greatest wrestlers ever retiring. I know he is old etc. but retirements make me sad. Why does guys like HBK, Angle, Edge retire but Hogan and Sting doesnt retire. Bad luck.
  11. Meh, longer than I'd hoped. But will be good to see him have his retirement year in WWE.
  12. Smart guys in my book. Quitting the game while they can walk and live properly.
  13. 3 years? Jesus. I was expecting early 2014 max. He will be an amazing trainer/upper management for TNA when it all happens. Angle is amazing, and anyone who disagrees should look at how long he performs while his injuries are at their worst.
  14. Future HOFer for sure
  15. He needs to do an international Indy and Puro tour. NEEDS TO!
  16. Didn't he try to go for the London Olympics but here says he never tried going back to amateur wrestling?
  17. Yeah, he did. Loophole there
  18. Well that was longer then I thought, but everybody needs to retire someday, when he goes I'll miss him, but he has done more then enough for Impact Wrestling, just hope he puts the right people over in his last years.
  19. I think if Kurt Angle retires he will be added to the WWE Hall of Fame. I am 100% positive about this...
  20. I met Kurt many years ago in 2008...he was struggling to walk then, he really needs to call it quits before this.
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