Kurt Angle says TNA dropped the ball on two wrestlers

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Nov 16, 2012.

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  2. They didn't drop the ball with Doug at all, he can't speak well enough to be anything more than a midcard title holder at best. Plus he is around 40.
  3. First of, this thread (sort of) was opened by (guess who...) me:


    Doug Williams was the wrestler of the year in TNA in 2010. He held the X Title twice (6 months overall), the TV Title by beating freaking AJ Styles on a PPV, and was a legitimate member of main event groups Fortune and Immortal; spotlighted heavily on the show and dominated the X Division. Then in 2011 he lost the title to Abyss and everything went downhill for him. Only handful of Impact appearances and mostly Xplosion matches, and now he works in OVW as a trainer and sometimes pops up as a Gutcheck guy for newcomers. So, I'd say yes, they did kinda drop the ball on him. I mean, they pushed him to the moon in 2010 (he was great all around), then that HOT streak of his just dissappeared. You just can't let the hot streak, mean streak end that way.

    As for Magnus, he's a star in the making. Have you seen his Turning Point match? You tell me they weren't making a superstar right there, I'll take a crap in the middle of Xanth's yard if they didn't.
  4. Doug is poor.
    Magnus is gold, a true wrestling talent.
  5. Doug Williams is poor? Sorry but... :facepalm:

    He is #3 tehnician in the WORLD after Angle and Bryan, and one of the best and most sucessfull UK wrestlers ever. You obviously haven't seen alotta his matches.
  6. The one person, in my eyes who could come close to emulating Roode's reign is Williams

    This isn't to say Bully Ray isn't awesome, just that Williams is too well rounded NOT to be given more

    Dougie Williams is a quality guy/hand. He's one of the few wrestlers in the world who won't give you a cringeworthy moment
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  7. +1 Exactly.
  8. how the fuck have they dropped the ball w/ Magnus
  9. I'd rather watch Doug over Magnus any day. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the mic skills for them to give him a proper push in North America. Sad really, he puts on solid matches with anyone he locks up with.
  10. Doug is old and will never be over with casuals. He is really of no use to TNA unless they want to use him as an X Div jobber to make others look good.
  11. Douglas is a great wrestler but can't speak to save his life, Magnus has star potential but isn't ready yet.
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  12. Haha brother :hogan: :woo1:

    Doug Williams is still a goddamn boss, he proved it in whole 2010, he can do it again in 2013, it's just a matter of a simple opportunity.
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