Rumor Kurt Angle supposedly backstage for Brand Split

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  1. According to Wrestling News Hub,

    someone within WWE is saying that Kurt Angle is backstage for Smackdown LIVE. They tell us that he is in a trailer out by itself where he is hidden. Now I cannot stress this enough, it is only a RUMOR as of now that he is there. Please do not take this as fact. We're only running it due to the fact that Angle and WWE have been in talks and this would be the perfect time for him to come back IF he is going to. Again, RUMOR.

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  2. man, you just got me so excited!
  3. BEWARE: It's a RUMOR!
  4. you dad is a rumour.
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  5. Guess you're right :/
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  6. I might have to watch.
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  7. deth apporve? me watch aswell
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  8. Greatest all rounder of all time so I might have to give this a watch just in case
  9. I'll take some of this:


    With a little of this:

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  10. I'd mark out if he popped up tonight on SmackDown.
  11. You lied to me.
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