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Kurt Angle talked about the success of GLOW on his recent interview with the Dallas Observer recently.

He talked about GLOW’s recent popularity which led wrestling into mainstream environment again, and the main event women’s matches:

I would say that GLOW’s popularity had an influence on us having women’s main event matches. But the WWE has been working on their women’s division for years, and we’ve already been leading up to having the girls main event TV shows.

A few years ago, WWE made the decision to stop referring to the women wrestlers as “divas.” When I was in WWE the first go-round, the women were having bikini pillow fights and it was all about the look of the girl. Now it’s all about their in-ring ability. GLOW is helping bring more attention to wrestling and women’s wrestling in particular. I think people who watch WWE will watch GLOW and vice-versa.

GLOW is Netflix’s latest show which is based on a promotion of the same name, called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The show was released via Netflix on June 23, 2017.

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