Kurt Angle Took 65 Vicodin Every Day...

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  1. "I was on a lot," he said on the radio show. "There was no way I couldn’t get out of it. The only thing I could do was eventually go to rehab and try to fix my life again. But I actually beat it on my own. I stayed in my house for about 10 days and didn’t leave, and I was able to get through the withdrawal."

    Angle’s battle with drug addiction actually started in 1996 during his preparations for the Olympics after he fractured two vertebrae and was forced to use Novocaine injections in his back to compete. He also underwent neck surgery in 2003 and sustained back and neck injuries in 2004 while with the WWE. And while he was able to get a grip on his addiction on his own at first, he told Dan Le Batard that, after leaving the WWE for TNA in 2006, he started using prescription pills heavily again and mixed them with alcohol regularly. That led to Angle being arrested for DUI four times over five years—and it also forced him to enter rehab in 2013. He stayed at the St. Joseph Institute in Pennsylvania for 30 days and kicked his habit again.

    "I finally got the right help," he said. "I tried to do it myself, but when you’re that deep into that stuff, you can’t do it on your own. You need somebody else’s help, and I finally reached out and I did what I had to do to get it done. It was the worst seven days of my life as well. I went through detox again. That time it stuck. You can’t do anything. You can’t think, you’re in constant pain, your body’s shaking, you don’t want to eat, you don’t want to do anything, you feel like you’re going to die. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever had in your life. And I went through it twice."

    Angle told Le Batard that he’s been sober ever since and that he’s shied away from wrestling as much as he once did in order to resist the temptation that comes along with the lifestyle.


    :damn: Kurt Angle must have the liver of Superman to have survived that.
  2. :damn:

    Glad he's doing better now.
  3. Just based on this, I can't see him doing a return to WWE. He said it himself, he needed to separate himself from THAT much wrestling in order to fight the addiction.
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  4. Not sure if Angle has been clean since 2013 considering the stories that have been rolling around about him since. But hopefully he tries to be as clean as possible. Him acknowledging that it is an issue is good and means he at least wants to be better
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  5. He's more than likely clean. He makes most of his money (out of wrestling) by speaking publicly at rehab centers.
  6. Dayam... He takes more Vicodin than House.
  7. Eww that's so much acetaminophen too

    Should of done perc 30s :woo1:
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  8. That's my thought too. I've occasionally had to take Vicodin for kidney stone issues. Although I can understand the appeal of Vicodin to people who take it, I know for a fact that it could NEVER become something addicting to me. Acetaminophen is such a nasty pain reliever if you take too much. At least for me, a full recommended dose of it will make me sick to my stomach for days. And Acetaminophen poisoning is nastier than any alcohol hangover in my opinion.
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  9. Unfortunately, that's no real indication that he's clean. Unless they're making him do blood, hair or urine tests to make sure he is clean, a person who was as deeply addicted as Angle wouldn't have a hard time passing as sober. In the studies I've done on addictions, I've noticed it that certain functioning addicts have gone through voluntary rehab (with no tests), AA and NA meetings completely high without being detected. Some of these people function better while on drugs and are less detectable.

    Regardless, I hope that you're right though. Taking the amount of drugs that he claimed to, it would be sad to see him doing it again.
  10. 65?! He must have been rattling!

    Joking aside though, I do hope he's getting himself sorted out. With his injuries it's not a huge surprise that he found himself reliant on substances.
  11. My oldest brother gets kidney stones. Cranberry juices dissolves them. :true:
  12. Man, he's lucky to be alive. Let alone wrestling part time. Hopefully he is clean now but dang...Just at a lost for words.
  13. I've heard that too. Problem is that I find cranberry juice so unbelievably nasty that I'd rather suffer the kidney stone pain.
  14. :wiz:
  15. Yeah I am not much a fan of it either, it helps to mix it with apple juice. I drink it for UTI's. It is very good for the entire urinary tract really. My brother just had some severe ones. They sent him home with pain killers. I swear that is their answer for everything.
  16. Cran-Apple? Cran-Grape? None of the Ocean Spray combos? You monster!!:rock4:
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  17. Yup. I'm an evil man.

    But yeah, nothing with cran anything. I despise cranberries in any form
  18. All they gave me at first was ibuprofen. It wasn't until I was peeing blood and in so much agony I was crying that they upped it to Vicodin. I'm a pretty tough little bitch so anything that would hurt that much is pretty severe.
  19. LOL'd at you calling yourself a b-swear :bayley:
    And yeah my brother was rolling on the hospital floor crying and he is like a bull. My family has a high paint tolerance so I know what you mean.
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    Sheesh that is a alot. Most pain I have had is a sciatic nerve injury. Got anti inflammatory's that made me bleed then they just gave me painkillers. Paraco or something like that.
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