Kurt Angle turns down contract extension

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  1. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/491325-kurt-angle-reveals-tna-status

    Not surprised because he has said many times that he wants to return to WWE before he retires.
  2. Can't wait. He did all he could for TNA but deserves a wwe send off.
  3. Calling Angle/Bryan for WM31
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  4. It'd be cool to see Kurt back in WWE so he can wrestle a few more matches before he finally retires.
  5. Would probably be the greatest match of all time.
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  6. This is good news! Welcome back to WWE, Kurt! :emoji_wink:
  7. Yeah, he's done it all in TNA. It's time for him to go back to WWE.

    He is the rare WWE megastar that has come to TNA and did pretty much everything TNA asked him to do, he was truly a company man (unlike Booker T, Nash etc etc). He put over Joe, Styles, Roode, Wolfe and many others and gave it all each night in the ring.
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  8. A rare commodity in that he could come back to the 'E' and put on quality work on the basis of being asked to work a few matches.
  9. in 2 years after he can compete again.

    I'm juiced for it, and I hope he takes nearly a full year off (summerslam) to make sure he can do the run without a DUI/Drug issue/broken neck in WWE and to truly ensure his matches are quality. I will mark my fucking balls off for the "you suck" chants for it, he is the original troll on that shit. I just want him to get TNA some extra money, still have WWE be down with him mentioning TNA and his HoF moments there etc, and truly make sure he isnt going to end up like Ali when the shit is all said and done.
  10. I'm not even mad. He's been THE MAN for TNA and deserves one final run in WWE, where I hope he gets to have the dream match with Bryan at WrestleMania 31. So I guess this means TNA will also have to get a new authority figure, so I hope it'll just be one of their legends who can just be a face and book matches but don't do another power struggle, for gods sake.
  11. I'm hoping if/when he returns to wwe he uses the goofy gimmick he first used as opposed to the ass kicker gimmick he used before leaving.
  12. This is WWE. in 2014. You really think they are going to do something cool with a returning legend's gimmick?

    They will just be like OMG ITS KURT ANGLE! and he will have a super generic personality.
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  13. Way to kill my optimism :sad1:
  14. Big stars returning don't need gimmicks, as long as they are similar to the characters they portrayed in their previous runs.
  15. Needed for what? To get them over? No shit sherlock. Needed to keep them entertaining? wellllllll

    Gimmicks are lacking in WWE as a whole. Guys who do have gimmicks are severely limited in what they can do with them. Comedy Angle was some all time brilliant stuff. I would mark my tits off for that character to return, but it would never happen in a million years. WWE is too cookie cutter now. We know exactly how Angle's last run will go down
  16. Kurt Angle needs to pass physical tests first, lol. Roids and alcohol lulz
  17. He actually tweeted yesterday that he has been clean and sober for one year. If Batista, who looked like he hadn't been in a gym for years, can pass one, Kurt will too.
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  18. Big fan of Angle, would love to see him in WWE one last time.
  19. One last WWE run would be awesome especially if we could see Jack Swagger And Angle in one match.
  20. That's awesome. But still, I'd be a bit worried about it. Time will tell I guess.
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