Kurt Angle Wants To Return To WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Vice, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. With the future of TNA looking a bit shaky, former WWE star, Kurt Angle has reached out to the company to negotiate a possible return. Vince McMahon seems reluctant to sign him however, given Angle's history of neck injuries, I can't say I'm surprised Vince isn't ready to bring him back.
    I think he'll cave sooner or later, and bring him back either in a limited role, or as a non-wrestling character.
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  2. He doesn't exactly 'Have it' anymore. I would like to see him in a backstage role but knowing him, he'll come back and try to wrestle.
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  3. Yeah, I think he's way past that point in his career. No doubt most fans would want to see him back, but I don't know how great his matches would be, accounting for age, as well as neck issues
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  4. I would enjoy seeing him back as a character (Oh its true - Its DAMN true), but I agree that he is most likely past his prime at this point. With all the new younger talents WWE is picking up in NXT nowadays why go back to the older talent that has known underlying issues?
  5. Kurt can still pull it out when he has to. Especially given some new motivation.
  6. Yes to bring him back. No to a match. He'll explode in the ring.

    Bring him back, endorse some young gun/manage him. HOF.
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  7. Ehh, I enjoy him in TNA as an authority figure. Pretty funny when he does stuff like he did when he was appointed, yelling at MVP and his head just going freakishly red.

    But yeah, if he goes to WWE, I'd only want to see 1 more match with Bryan.
  8. He'll be in the ring if he's back, no doubt about it. He's a freakin cyborg.
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  9. I don't see him passing WWE greenlighting him/Kurt passing medicals. A big factor in Kurt leaving WWE in the first place was that Vince said he was too banged up/was going to die in the ring.
  10. You'll see.
  11. Vince cut Kurt for his own safety years ago. If he did come back, I don't think it would be anything in ring.
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  12. If Bret Hart could 'wrestle' a match, then Kurt can. The biggest challenge here would be convincing Kurt to give 100% to it rather than the 300% he prefers giving.
    His match could be sketched out to where he takes limited risks, but Kurt would have to be on board. It couldn't be anyone too physical along the likes of Lesnar.
    Daniel Bryan would be a good choice. It will be interesting to see how toned down Bryan's style will be. Bryan and Angle both need to work smarter, similar to the way Austin had to.

    By the time Angle is ready for a match, Bryan will have gotten into his groove post-injury.
  13. If he does come back (and I'd have to think he will since it's only fitting that his career ends in the same place that it started), there's no way he doesn't have at least one more match. Passing the medical tests might be an issue, or it might not. We'll see.

    One last match, preferably with Daniel Bryan, would be nice.
  14. Vince didn't want him wrestling years ago, what's changed now?
  15. Very subtle from a contracted individual, way to go Kurt you dumbass

    I hope he goes back to 'E, he's done it all in TNA and he basically talks more about them than TNA, so fuck it, just let him go ffs
  16. If he returned later this year and had a final (part time) run, wrestling two or three matches until he retires at WM, I'd be fine with that.
  17. Its Kurt Angle. Why are we acting like seeing him would be immoral? Put him on the road full time, if you'd like.
    Ive had this discussion with Lock regarding Hogan. It isnt my body so why should i give a f***? An olympian doesnt suddenly forget how to go. Let it fire because the Empire is incredibly stale on the main roster.
  18. Meh, wouldn't excite me if it happen at this point.
  19. Angle says his current TNA contract is up on September 21st, and he will announce his decision before that date, sometime in early September.
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  20. HHHis okay with a liquored up cat in the ring.:woo1:
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