News Kurt Angles Shares Thoughts on Today’s In-Ring Action

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  1. Kurt Angle recently sat down for an interview with Dallas Observer, where he talked about a variety of topics. He was also asked about what he thought of today’s in-ring action in comparison to the 00’s.

    To this, Angle replied:

    “When I started, I was taught to begin each match with lots of action. Very few of our matches began with a traditional wrestling hold. The ‘Attitude Era’ was all about the action. It was big move after big move and lots of punches. Today, the wrestlers in the ring tell a better story. The boys and girls in the locker room can really wrestle and there is a great focus on storytelling and ring psychology. It’s sort of back to basics, but I think it’s a better style. The crowds today aren’t as bloodthirsty as they were back then.”

    You can check out the full interview here.

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