Kurt Warner advertised for the post-Mania Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article10030668.shtml

    The guy with the three highest passing yard totals in Super Bowl history? That's cool, if he does something cool.

    He isn't really a "superstar player" bound to draw big ratings though.
  2. Don't know who he is but alright.
  3. Can some NFL and Football fan tell me what the equivalent of Kurt Warner is in football terms? Like is he a Messi? A Ronaldo? Or a Stewart Downing.
  4. While you're at it could you get me a wrestling equivalent too? Thanks.
  5. How about a snooker equivalent too?
  6. The best one I can think of is Eddie Guerrero. When you bring up "biggest stars of the 20th century", he's not one of the guys you'd immediately say, but then when someone brings him up you wonder why on earth you'd leave a guy like that out.

    He's a nice rags-to-riches story, being cut immediately and famously getting a job as a guy bagging groceries and giving up on an NFL career before making 3 super bowls (the only 3 years he started for an entire season) and setting records in each one. When he finally got a chance he made it big, but he never reached the popularity of guys like Manning and Brady because he was injury-prone and played most of his career in St. Louis and Arizona, two jobber franchises that have sucked throughout their entire existence except when he was there.

    Maybe that'll help you guys figure out an equivalent.
  7. Solid Upper mid-carder who got to the mainevent a couple times, basically.
  8. Sounds good. Still don't really care though (nothing against footballers or the sport, but I don't watch it so).

    But thanks a lot for the info Rain.
  9. so basically Steven Gerrard :dawg:
  10. I like Warner but he doesn't have the personality to add anything to a wrestling show. Yawn.
  11. I like the man but as a football player, as wrestler the only thing I think he could do is kick someone imo. I think it'll be like when Jackman went to the show. WWE won't do as TNA with Ronnie) and let him fight at least in a tag match, it'd be ridiculous
  12. He's a guy that was bagging grocery's came back and won a superbowl and led another team to the superbowl, where he ultimately lost in his final year. He won 2 MVPS(best player in 1999, 2001) He is one of the most accurate qbs in history.
  13. So like, a Pirlo?
  14. Reminds me more of Ian Wright, down on his luck (none league club vs bagging shopping) ends up becoming a PL winner.
  15. More Luis Suarez actually. Really really poor, becomes best player for his club and one of the stand out players in the PL.
  16. Might aswell throw Tevez into the mix too, he was from a poor ass family I think.
  17. I have no idea who the guy is tbh lol.
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