KWA First Promo from FTJ! Video, On KWAWrestlingAlliance YouTube Channel

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  3. Horrible mic skills on that one. Send him back to developmental or possible grade school if necessary. One should not be that bad on the mic. I am serious.
  4. NO THIS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 19TH THING! This is KWA the wrestling thing were starting up this summer!
  5. OMG :yay:


  6. FUCK YOU! Everyone that watch it told me it was EPIC PROMO! and we had like 7 people of the other wrestler there with us!
  7. It was very stuttery, I'd advise you go over your lines a few times or practise improv.
  8. Bored me to death, Sandy. :dawg:
  9. Amazing promo, 10/10. Try for WWE bro.
  10. Of course they would say it was good. They work with you so they are bias. As Seabs said, go over your lines a couple of more times and don't try to wing it all the way. Use bullet points to help you.

    I've done some acting and improv and I have been where you are right now. It is something you can work with. Get over the stutter, develop a more lively voice for your character because your normal one doesn't really bring people in. Some more fluent pacing would be good but that comes with practice.
  11. Uh this is the 1st time I meet this guy and that were telling I was good. The only guy who I know was friend Kyle. And there we telling me I did better promo then he did.
  12. SHUT UP IT AMAZING :pipebomb:

  14. :damn:
  15. Is that a yes?
  16. I not that big though and u not watch matchest?
  17. I really enjoyed the potential I saw in the promo, you've got the charisma which just screams star. Plus I've seen some of your old back yard matches. CM Punk Vs You Wrestlemania 30. It would be a dream match.
  18. Dude, I know you'd like to think of yourself as an excellent promo cutter right now but don't get cocky. Listen to me, people around you will always think it sounds better because things tend to sound better live than recorded. I am not saying all this to be mean but to help you in the long run. I've studied multimedia and rhetoric (the art of speaking/convincing/public speaking) at a university level so I actually know what I am talking about. Talking for a camera usually makes pacing awkward compared to your live promo, you tend to act it up a bit more since a camera is a machine and not a man.

    All I am trying to do is help you out and make your promocutting as good as possible. Work on some of those points I pointed out and you will see a longtime improvement. Try to find a promo style that suites just you, not everyone can cut a promo in the same style; not everyone can do a Punk and not everyone can do a Dean Ambrose (two of the best promo cutters in the business currently) or a The Rock. Study multiple different wrestlers promos, try out how they do it and adopt the things that you think works best for you or come to you naturally. And you will develop a good promo cutting style after some practice. You show promise, you are just not there yet.
  19. DAM THANK YOU MAN MEAN ALOT! I like to here people like my matchest and promo.
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  20. Love how he just skipped Stopspot's NEGATIVE WRONG REPLY (:pipebomb:), real star potential here.
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