L.A. house show results

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  2. Backstage celebrity visit:
    Travis Barker of Blink 182
  3. Ok why is JTG still employed??? and why is Jack Swagger still employed??? both guys havent been on tv for ages
  4. Because they work the house show circuit.
  5. Did Mysterio lose weight or is that just a baggy shirt?
  6. His personal business was Lipo?! :shock:
  7. Unless he was actually working out, haven't really seen him in a while and some people can lose a lot of weight in the amount of time that Mysterio was out.
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    Hint hint hint :xanth:
  8. Does that mean they're considering bringing Bo Dallas up? :urm:
  9. Blink182 :gusta:
  10. For some retarded reason they think that charisma vacuum will be a big player. Big Show is apparently super high on him.
  11. Miz being in the biggest pops is interesting
  12. @"R'Albin" ^^^^
  13. So that's why he went down to NXT to wrestle him, interesting. The thing about Bo is that he's alright in the ring, but his promo skills/charisma are... quite bad, imo. Let's see how they push him.
  14. It's quite obvious to me that the crowd just felt sorry for the Miz and his lack of overness so they decided to give him a sympathy pop. Nice touch L.A.
  15. :pity:
  16. Shots to the head? :shock:

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