La Liga bets?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roi, May 4, 2013.

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  1. Or at least Madrid/Barca/At.Madrid bets??!
  2. I like the idea, I prefer La Liga than the BPL tbh.
  3. Madrid doesn't start for another hour, and At. Madrid 3 hours. And Barca don't play for 24 hours. Chill.

    Eric Draven
  4. Did you ask Crayo?
  5. ? He wants you to add them.
  6. I think this is the thread where he's asking if we can have it...
  7. But is Crayo cool with La Liga bets? If he doesn't think they'll be much interest we won't bother, like with the F1 suggestion.
  8. Probably. I think most football bets are fine, aren't they? I think he said no to F1 because it's a different sport.
  9. He's said just the P/L & C/L thus far, it's just I don't want to go a head with it if he doesn't think there is much interest you know? It's still his site at the end of the day.
  10. To be fair, Dolphs added a Boxing bet lol.
  11. That's Stone Cold Dolph's Ziggler tho.
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  12. I could take care of La Liga bets. Or at least of the main teams.
  13. Sure, La Liga bets are okay (the important ones anyway). Bookies can make whatever bets they want, and Dolph'sZiggler is a bookie. I needed someone with bet knowledge and American sport knowledge, so he has the authority as a bookie to put whatever he wants up there. So "well, there's this sport, so why not this?" logic doesn't work. Eric is also a bookie, and - with R Albin - is in charge of football bets (and anything else he might want to add). These suggestions are good though, so keep going if you think any other sport should be covered, but we more or less want popular sports so betting too can be popular.

    TLDR: Xanth smells.
  14. Then should I PM seabs or Albin with the main matches?
  15. If they're okay with you PMing then sure. You could just post the up-and-coming matches in a La Liga thread and then tag them instead.
  16. I'll cover both Madrid teams for tonight then, also has Albin made one of the bets yet lol? They're easy to get off BBC so it's no issue I can cover all the league if you want.
  17. Don't think so. He's the Xanth of staff members. R Albin
  18. And Barca*
  19. Huh, they aren't playing tonight are they?
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