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Some serious injury news to report in regards to La Parka.

On Sunday, La Parka wrestled in a four-way against Rush, LA Park, and Murder Clown for the KOAZ promotion in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. He attempted a suicide dive toward Rush. The impact was off and La Parka’s head crashed into the security barrier.

To clarify, the current La Parka is not the same person as La Parka from WCW. The current La Parka is the second La Parka. “The Chairman of WCW” currently goes by the name LA Park.

Caution: Footage of the incident isn’t gruesome visually, but there is a sickening thud noise when La Parka collides with the security barrier.

Terrible accidente

La Parka AAA se llevó un duro golpe en la cabeza al intentar un lance.

Sucedió durante el Aniversario de la Arena Coliseo, en Monterrey.

Fue trasladado, inconsciente, a un hospital cercano.

— RadioCentro Deportes (@RcentroDeportes) October 21, 2019
La Parka was promptly attended to by medical personnel ringside and transported to a local hospital. At that time, he could not feel his upper and lower extremities, but he has since regained feeling and was in stable condition. Reports say it was believed to be a neck and cervical fracture. Surgery took place at 5 a.m. this morning. La Parka exited the operating room around 10 a.m. Updates will be forthcoming.

Rush sends his prayers.


— Rush oficial (@rushtoroblanco) October 21, 2019
“Recover soon. From the heart, I send many blessings.”
AAA released a statement.

Buenos días, compartimos con ustedes el comunicado oficial de #LuchaLibreAAA Worldwide sobre la situación actual de La Parka.#FuerzaParka ✨

— Lucha Libre AAA (@luchalibreaaa) October 21, 2019
To our fans and media communications:

We want to inform you that after the incident that La Parka had this early morning at the Arena Coliseo de Monterrery, an operation was necessary, after which he is already in recovery.

Representatives of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide have accompanied him from the first moment of the incident and are observing his condition. We thank the KOAZ promoter, organizer of the event, for the attention provided.

As soon as we know more about the medical status, we will make it known through Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide’s official channels.

We appreciate your support.


Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
For those not familiar with the current La Parka, he is a legend in Mexico. He took over the La Parka character in 1996. La Parka has won six championships in AAA, the Copa Antonio Peña, the Copa Triplemania, and is a five-time Rey de Reyes winner. He was ranked the 43rd best singles wrestler in the world in the PWI 500 in 2007.

Cageside Seats sends well wishes to La Parka for a healthy recovery.

Credit to Lucha Central, Luchablog, and Super Luchas for filling in details.

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