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As Geno shared with us all yesterday, while WWE was in Canada this weekend, Lacey Evans tweeted a video of her dealing with a local police officer after she’d been pulled over for speeding. Evans stayed in her upper crust Southern belle character throughout, insulting America’s Northern neighbor and big-timing the cop, who remains stereotypically polite throughout.

The tweet went viral, and upset a lot of people on both sides of the border - Canadians who felts Lacey was disrespecting their country, wrestling fans that don’t like her, and people everywhere who think law enforcement officers shouldn’t have to deal with crap like Evan’s behavior in the video. It got picked up by news outlets, prompting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)’s Cpl. Chris Warren to issue a statement to the press, saying “I can’t answer for her, but it’s a legitimate traffic stop from our end.”

Evans and Calgary’s own Nattie “Natalya” Neidhart - with whom The Sassy One is feuding on television - played into the uproar with more tweets. But in her real life as Macey Estrella-Kadlec, Lacey is a former Marine who served in the military police. She apparently didn’t want anyone to take the viral video as an inspiration to treat cops like “nasties”, so she issued a statement.

How else? On Twitter...

PSA. Listen up ya nasties.

— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) September 23, 2019
So there you have it.

Interesting that the RCMP played along, to the point of issuing that statement. But they didn’t say it wasn’t a work. The wording probably indicates that Estrella-Kadlec was legitimately pulled over and then worked with officer Brettell - assuming that was his real badge in the video - to have some social media fun.

And there’s your proof that kayfabe can still exist... for about 24 hours at a time, anyway.

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Main Eventer
Lacey Evans is great, she just needed more time to improve her in-ring work. She should NOT have been put into a multi-month feud with the top woman on the roster.

But she shouldn't be blamed for that, Vince should
Now if only Vince would come out and admit the Screwjob was a work...

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