Lacky's Premier League predictions

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  1. Lacky's Premier League predictions

    This is a weekly service, in which I'll predict Football scores from the Barclays Premier League, this reason I'm doing this is because I believe I can do a better job than Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson does for the BBC.

    Saturday 1st September 2012

    West Ham Vs. Fulham
    K.O 12:45 ​

    West Ham picked up a win against Aston Villa in the opening day of the season, but lost heavily to Swansea in Wales. Fulham have started the season quite positive with a 5-0 win against Chris Hughton's Norwich City, and unfortunately lost 3-2 at Old Trafford. Following the sale of Dembele from Fulham to Tottenham a player who was no doubt their best. Fulham are vulnerable.

    I predict. 1-1

    Wrong result.

    Swansea Vs. Sunderland
    K.O 15:00​

    Swansea have started the season magnificently, winning 5-0 away to QPR on the opening day of the season, only to be followed by a impressive 3-0 home win against newly promoted West Ham. Michu has been in good form for Swansea already bagging 3 goals. Sunderland on the other hand have recently invested heavily after a 0-0 draw against Arsenal bringing in the signings of Adam Johnson & Steven Fletcher. For a rumoured 10 million & 14 million respectively.

    I predict 2-1

    Correct score, wrong team

    Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Norwich City
    K.O 15:00​

    Andre Villas Boas' start to his Tottenham managerial career hasn't started as well as he had hoped for with a opening day defeat to Newcastle 2-1 followed by a 1-1 draw at home to West Brom who scored in added time, Tottenham recently signed Dembele from Fulham a player which I believe will be the key factor in this game. Chris Hughton will be bringing his Norwich side to Tottenham, a club he played for 13 years. Norwich haven't started well, losing 5-0 to Fulham on the opening day, then a 1-1 draw against also struggling club Queens Park Rangers.

    I predict 3-1

    Wrong result, Wrong team

    West Brom Vs. Everton
    K.O 15:00​

    West Brom have started the season fantastically for a team of their stature. Winning against Liverpool and drawing against Tottenham at White Hart Lane leaves Steve Clarke's team sitting in 4th position. Everton on the other hand have started the season magnificently picking up a 1-0 against Manchester United, and a 3-1 away win at bottom of the league club Aston Villa. Marouane Fellaini has been Everton's star player so far this season with 2 goals from 2 games, and seem's to be pulling the strings from Midfield, and look's unplayable at the moment.

    I predict 1-2

    Wrong result, Wrong team

    Wigan Vs. Stoke City
    K.O 15:00​

    Wigan have started the season well despite losing 2-0 on the opening day of the season to a very strong Chelsea side, by winning 2-0 themselves against Premier League new boys Southampton. Stoke on the other hand have started the season pretty stable picking up two draws from two games against Reading and Arsenal. Tony Pulis look's to strengthen his Stoke City team will the additions of Thomas Huddlestone and Maurice Edu.

    I predict 1-1

    Correct result, wrong score.

    Manchester City Vs Queen Park Rangers K.O 17:30​

    Manchester City host Queens Park Rangers in Saturdays late Premier League kick-off. Mancini will be hoping his team can bounce back following the 2-2 draw against Liverpool in last weeks fixture. QPR started the season with a 5-0 loss. Followed by a 1-1 draw with fellow struggles Norwich. QPR boss Mark Hughes is looking to strengthen his team with the possible deals of R.Carvalho, Michael Dawson, and Julio Cesar. Neither of the three have joined QPR yet.

    I predict 3-0

    Sunday 2nd September 2012

    Liverpool Vs Arsenal
    K.O 13:30​

    Liverpool host Arsenal in Sundays opening fixture, The reds will be hoping to pick up the Victory from a current Arsenal side which just can't seem to score. It's rumoured that Nuri Sahin will be given his Liverpool debut after signing a season long loan. The Gunners will also be looking for the win after drawing their opening two Premier League fixtures.

    I predict 1-1

    Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

    Newcastle will be hoping to get back to winning ways after the 2-0 loss to Chelsea in last weeks fixtures, whilst Aston Villa will be hoping to pick up the first points of the season, as Paul Lambert embarks on his debut season as Aston Villa manger. Villa lost 1-0 to West Ham, and 1-3 to Everton in the opening games.

    I predict 2-0

    Southampton vs Manchester United
    K.O 16:00​

    Premier League new boys Southampton host Manchester United at Saint Mary's in Sundays tea-time kick-off. Southampton started this season leading at Manchester City but ending up losing 3-2, the following week they lost at home to last season's struggler's Wigan Athletic. Manchester United will be without Striker Wayne Rooney after he suffered a leg injury in the game against Fulham so Summer signing Robin Van Persie will be starting up front.

    I predict 0-4
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  2. Agree with them all but Fulham, still think they'll win.
    Anyway great thread, look forward to reading them weekly.
  3. Nice thread. I may as well jot mine down

    West Ham 2 - 1 Fulham: Right result, wrong score.

    Swansea 3 - 1 Sunderland: Wrong result :emoji_slight_frown:

    Spurs 3 - 0 Norwich: Wrong Result

    West Brom 2 - 0 Everton: Right result, right score.

    Wigan 1 - 1 Stoke: Right result, wrong score.

    Man City - 3 - 1 QPR

    Liverpool 2 - 1 Arsenal

    Newcastle 3 - 0 Aston Villa

    Manchester United 3 - 2 Southampton
  4. Middlesbrough 4-0 Millwall... Sorry I had to.
  5. Thanks for replying guys, I hope you will read weekly, I thought I was going to write that all up, and no-one would reply. Feel free for everyone to post their own predictions. :otunga:
  6. West Ham 1-2 Fulham

    Swansea 1-1 Sunderland

    Tottenham 2-0 Norwich

    West Brom 1-2 Everton

    Wigan 0-1 Stoke

    Manchester City 3-1 QPR

    Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal

    Newcastle 4-1 Aston Villa

    Manchester United 2-0 Southampton
  7. Updated my post with my prediction results. 3 right, 2 wrong. Things could change as they're not done yet though
  8. Predicted City-QPR perfect. :emoji_grin:
  9. Good prediction, I should have seen us conceeding but too biased to say that. Ha!, I got the right amount of goals for us right.
  10. Got most of the results right, quite pleased. Only one scoreline right though :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. I'm 100% sure in our Debut WWE Forums Predictions we all did better than Lawro.
  12. Lmao I'd love to see his.
  13. Lacky's Premier League predictions.

    [size=x-small]Rather than posting high detail previews, I'm simply going to post the predicted scores to save time, if you wish please Include you picks. [/size]


    Norwich 1 - 2 West Ham

    Arsenal 2 - 0 Southampton

    Aston Villa 1 - 1 Swansea

    Fulham 1 - 2 West Brom

    Manchester United 3 - 1 Wigan

    QPR 1 - 2 Chelsea

    Stoke City 1 - 2 Manchester City

    Sunderland 1 - 0 Liverpool


    Reading 1 - 2 Tottenham


    Everton 1 - 1 Newcastle
  14. Saturday

    Norwich 1 - 1 West Ham

    Arsenal 2 - 0 Southampton

    Aston Villa 1 - 3 Swansea

    Fulham 1 - 2 West Brom

    Manchester United 3 - 0 Wigan

    QPR 0 - 2 Chelsea

    Stoke City 1 - 1 Manchester City

    Sunderland 1 - 1 Liverpool


    Reading 1 - 2 Tottenham


    Everton 1 - 0 Newcastle

  15. Good Picks, again Crayo. You looking forward to the football returning? I know I am.. :otunga:
  16. [​IMG]

    Predictions for this week, Crayo had a good week last week and got a couple of correct scores I believe.

    *You can visit here and make your predictions and take a screen shot if you wish*
  17. I can't steal your layout now you've posted an image :emoji_slight_frown:


    Had two decent weeks so far, hoping to keep that up :obama:
  18. You did, good picks once again. You watching the Swansea vs Everton game tomorrow?
  19. Think we've done pretty well this week Crayo, I've got a few correct results, you got some results right.
  20. Lacky and Crayo dominating this football 'ting.
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