Kayfabe Lad Of Steel: Dawn Of Dropkick

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The Artiste
*After a commercial break a vignette of Lukey is shown. Lukey is seen on top of a giant hill, looking over the night lighting in a city. He begins to speak*
Lukey: This has been my dream ever since I got here. I had set out big ambitions and dreams. Just as big as this hill I'm standing on. I left my family, friends, neighbours and my life behind. No matter how small and soft spoken I am I don't let people tell me I'm no good or I'm below them. That's why I'm here, on the hilltop looking over the world. You know the world is a beautiful place if you take a step back and look around. From mother-nature to science it's all wonderful. However it's very corrupt. There's so much evilness and bad that can leave innocent people in pain......hunger......grief, or even worse......death. It's very hard to recover from stuff like that. Hell you may never recover from the evil on this earth. It's hard to get past this sort of devastation. Sometimes however the best but hardest thing to do is smile. The more I can smile my worries and fears become my friends that end up smiling back at me. It's crazy that such a simple action like smiling can bring so much positivity to the earth. To me it's almost like the weakness to darkness. Smiling is such a simple yet powerful thing.

*Lukey sits down with his legs crossed in and continues to speak & look over the city*
Lukey: I'm not here to say that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. You just gotta hit back against all negative thoughts and keep moving forward. If you're like me I'll kick my way through. All that negativity helped me though in a way. It stopped me from letting people point fingers in my face telling me I'm no good or you'll never be where you want to be or it would be a God like miracle if you got what you wanted out of life.............Now here I am. The miracle came through. I guess you can call me the miracle kid. It takes a lot of hard work but it's something everyone can do. Big or small. Black or White. Young or Old. As long as you keep proving people wrong by hard work you can achieve what you want. You may hit some road bumps and pit stops in life but you gotta just keep on moving forward. You gotta drop-kick a few doors, walls or barriers down no matter how hard those obstacles are made of. In the end win or lose, there are only winners in life. As long as you can say you tried your best, your a winner. That's what I did, now here I am today. Still young and I still have a lot to learn in my craft and especially in life. As long as I can do what I dream't about since the age of 5 years old 24/7 after all this negativity in my life, I like to call myself a Super-Lad. And to everyone else who can do the same thing, you are all Super-Lads, Lasses, Men or Women too. So go out there and do the world a favour. Spread some love and positivity, keep on smilin, live that comic book adventure way of life and make dreams come true.

*Lukey stands back up and looks at the camera and speaks. While he speaks his theme song begins to play*

Lukey: My name is Lukey and this week I come to Exodus with my smiles, drop-kicks and positivity so that I can make everyone feel happy. And I'm just your average Super-Lad.

*The show cuts to black then heads back to it's scheduled broadcasting*
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