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The Artiste
*Lukey is seen in a car driving in a local neighbourhood, looking at how everyone is doing and is talking to himself again just like last week*
Lukey: I'm very grateful for this life and this world I walk upon. I bring up the negatives a lot but I'm gonna try and focus on the positives for now. Ya know the positives. Such as the sun smilin back at you. A happy healthy family or a............Actually I don't think I need to go on. All those positives just like the negatives are all to be dealt morally. We as human beings can make everywhere like this lil town a better place. It doesn't matter if your a country boy at heart who loves to drink, a religious nut ball, a face-paint artist, an Irish warrior, a guy who loves to make passionate love to whatever he hears. Hell, you could just be an average Joe like a guy with two first names or a milk-man! No matter who you are, you can always make the world a better place.
*The car stops at the traffic lights as a nine year old kid along with his mother cross the road on their way home from school*
Lukey: Last week I stood in an arena full of people. Men, women, boys and girls. I stared in the eyes of the Frost man who wasn't frosty enough to give me frostbite and I said to myself, I'm gonna make everyone here smile and enjoy their day out. Once that match was over I looked over at the people behind the barricade. They looked like they were having the time of their life. I've seen the little lads and lasses faces light up with joy, it looked like a beautiful day at the beach went to them instead. That's when I realised I completed what I said I would do. So then I thought if I can do that once, I can do it all the time at any time at all and now that's the plan and that is also why I'm looking forward to this week also.
*The car starts driving again as it drives past the city in which this weeks Exodus will be*
Lukey: I feel like a broken record when I say this but I still can't believe a lil guy like me is here fulfilling his dream. I only needed the money to help my family. I went from competing in front of ten people, to fifty people to one hundred people to one thousand people and so on. It just proves that with great determination, pride and attitude you can make it anywhere. Ya get this feeling of going to the planet Jupiter and back again. You would like to go but realistically you can't go but like I said, with enough great qualities in yourself being you can go to past Jupiter and back again as many times as you want. If wanted you could be the one to draw those rings around the planet.

*The car stops at the hotel which is fairly close to the arena. The camera cuts back to Lukey on a balcony looking over at the arena as the sun is setting*

Lukey: The world needs more people like this. People who want to do good for others, people who want to represent those who can't stand up for themselves, people who are willing to try even if they succeed or fail. People who are just willing to make others smile. I got a few things I want to do in life and winning this tournament is one. If people can make the same risks and sacrifices as me or more, they have every right to be called Super. Those people are needed here such as Exodus, in the United States and Europe, Hell in all of the first world countries and all of the third world countries. There needed all over this planet, galaxy and universe. I try to make everyone smile and all I ask from people is simple. Just be the good guy and do the right thing. At the end of the day we can all become one. A bit of positivity a day can keep the bad things away. We can be heroes. We can be good guys. We can be.......Super!

*Lukey's theme plays as the show cuts back to scheduled programming*
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