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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Big_Thor_Dawg, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. ...From Waterville Maine, a 44 time online racing champion with over 1800 wins and 2500 top 10's, the driver of the #3 Chevy Silverado, the #3 Chevy Corvette, the #54 John Cena Never Give Up Chevy Camaro GTR and coming soon the #3 Chevy Camaro Nationwide car and the #24 Chevy SS Sprint Cup Car..... THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG DDDAAAAAWWWWWGGGGGGG SHANEEEEEE LLLAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!

    *The Crystal Method F Yelawolf's Make Some Noise Plays*

    ight ight in all seriousness...those stats aint a lie btw. Ive been a WWE fan for the past 10 years. My dawg in this show is of course John Cena. Been a member of #CeNation since back before the Chain Gang showed up. Also a fan of Randy Orton and Rey Meysterio. Age 26. For those wondering the Boss himself refered me here Vinnie Mac. Will I be active on this forum? More active than the Rock will EVER be so uh..... :yes::yes::yes: and I will post new WWE themed race cars I run...just to see what yall think
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  2. Hahaha! awesome intro! Glad you signed up :emoji_grin:

    do you prefer randy and cena as heel or faces?
  3. Haha this is a fantastic introduction, one of my favourites thus far.

    Welcome to the site Big Dawg, that is quite possibly the greatest username ever.

    Where you from bud?
  4. Welcome to the forum.
  5. #CentonLives

    If you like Cena, it's #Automatic you like Orton. :emoji_grinning: Vice versa? Not so much.

    Welcome! :emoji_slight_smile:) Number 1 mark for Randy Orton here!
  6. @Crayo im from Maine bud...that was legit as well.
    @VinnieMac Gotta love Cena as face...and Randy as a heel...hes more intense
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  7. Centon? :dafuq:
  9. just wanting to play a lil #ShowOff of some of the rides ive driven this give yall a taste of what I do - be warned these are on photobucket and theres a ton of pix for each one...hope yall enjoy em..and working on the 2013 season so throw ideas out there and my shop will get to em...and the WWE themed one HELL of a story...ill explain in a bit

    The All American Corvette that won at Lime Rock in July -
    The John Cena Camaro (which i have a ton more yet to put up) -
    The Cena Corvette that started the season -
    The #3 #1 Contender truck from the start of this season -

    and thats just the tip of the iceburg peeps.
  10. Cena/Orton. :emoji_slight_smile:) We fangirls imagine them as a couple.

  11. :dafuq: :facepalm1: :upset: :no: :finger:

    Anyway.. welcome dude.
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  12. Had to google Maine to see where it was lol. New England right? :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Yeah Crayo its New England....about 4 hrs north of boston
  14. Nice. You ever been to a WWE live event?
  15. 2009 Bangor Manie house show for Smackdown - John Morrison actually used a sign i brought with me "Mr Ziggles"...needless to say that sign got mounted on my wall. And Melina showed love to a sign i brought for her as well. And Christian cracked up at one when the entire bottom 3 lines of it was the word peeps
  16. i like this one

  17. One of my all times Vince. If i posted all the trucks/cars Ive run yall would be lookin at over 150 or so pix from 2 years of this. And believe me the story is nuts...I got time to spin a yarn dont I?

    Back in 2010 Melina was getting back from her ACL injury and was doing the .com chats. Well she and I had become pretty good friends at this point...and we talked alot on twitter. Well a friend of mine did up a special WWE truck dealing with Cena and Melina...Cena on the bed cover and Melina on the tailgate. Well Melina FLIPPED over that truck calling it "badass" and frankly that about sealied the idea of these trucks. Well what fully sealed it was the fact Melina agreed to even DESIGN one for me to race in the 2010 season (5 starts in it - 5 wins). After that it EXPLODED!! The Bella twins did up a truck, Brooke Adams currently has one in the shop. Even NON WWE and TNA stars have designed rides form e to run. But I always love the wrestling rides cause they take on a personality like Ive never seen before. its fun to run these BELIEVE ME
  18. Wow thats quite a story!

    How do i play the online racing
  19. ill clue ya in 2marow...i got some test runs to make for this weekend

    BIG DAWG OUT!!!!
  20. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here :yes:
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