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  1. This weeks episode of Precision starts with much love for Alice as his music hits to a Jack Rogue sized pop (Not really... About 10 decibels lower. Still a great pop though)

    Alice runs out from the curtain as hyper as can be. Happy and joyful with a smile for all to see. Looking healthy and fine. Had a few glasses of wine. After this promo he's be snorting a line. (I just felt like rhyming, sorry. Never again I promise) Alice runs full sprint down to the ring and slides in, again almost falling out of the other side. He jumps to his feet and gets thrown a mic, to which he doesn't catch, now having to pick it up of the ground.

    Alice: Woo! That was fun!
    Crowd pops.
    Alice: So, you'r probably wondering why I'm so happy. I mean, I lost at Money In The Bank and Buster "Bust A Move"
    Alice laughs hard at Cali's joke.
    Alice: "Bust A Move" Ah that's classic! Buster Gates is still the Undisputed Champion. So, why am I happy? Simple... I'M DRUNK!... Nah, I'm just messing with you. I'm happy because that's who I am. I'm probably not getting another shot at the World Title now that Buster's in-charge around here so I don't need to stress about that no more... There is some bad news though. I'm still concussed. Luckily, I avoided falling from ladders at Money In The Bank, hence how I'm standing here right now. But concussions, despite what some writers believe, don't just disappear when it's convenient for their story's. I'm still hurt. But! I'm medically cleared to compete so guess what? Tonight... I'm competing!... But that's later tonight. For right now though, I'm going to celebrate my medical clearance with all of you! Alice Xander Styl...
    An unfamiliar music begins to play throughout the arena.

    Alice looks at the stage for a few seconds as nobody comes out of the curtain.
    Alice: Uh, this is not the music that I ask for my party. I asked for Call Me Maybe and Baby! This is unbelievable! I ask for 2 songs and you can't get that rig...
    Just as Alice is starting his rant, a man in a grey hoodie (Hood up) and Black, white and gold ring attire enters the ring with a baseball bat and before the fans could react, he swings and hits Alice in the back of the head with the bat, knocking Alice out, causing medical personnel to rush to the scene to tend to the unconscious Alice and causing the fans to boo loudly. A good minute passes with the hooded figure standing over an unconscious Alice, the fans now silent in shock and concern for Alice's well-being. The man, still looking down at Alice, removes his hood and looks up at the camera smiling, sending the crowd into another frenzy of loud boo as the man reveals himself to be former TWF Superstar Andersen Vega, who hasn't been seen in a wrestling ring in nearly a year. Vega, still with a smirk on his face, picks up the microphone and speaks for the first time in a long time.
    Vega: Hmm, I see you guys missed me.
    The audience, some probably feeling sick right now by this appalling act lets out another chorus of boos.
    Vega: Oh, now come on! That's no way to speak to a friendly face now is it? Haha! Ah I missed you guys!... For those who don't know me. My name is Andersen Vega! And I am back in a professional wrestling ring *The crowd sends out an even louder chorus of boos* Oh you may not like it but you'd better get used to it because I am back! And I'm never. Ever. Going. Away.
    The audience is pissed beyond belief as Andersen Vega drops the microphone and looks down with a smile at a still unconscious Alice Xander, who's being treated my doctors and put on a stretcher as the show cuts to a commercial break.
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