Ladies and Gents, I'm a recovering Wrestlingholic

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by JC4Life37, May 3, 2012.

  1. My name is JC4Life,

    I am a recovering wrestlingholic, ready to pounce on you suckers for thinking I was gone for good.

    If you don't me and you probably don't.... you will f***ing soon

    Tah Tah
  2. Welcome back :burns:

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  3. Thanks, bro

    I'm back. Elroy Jetson is back crushing fools and filling hospital beds.... Legend
  4. I wondered where you went bro :((
  5. Doesn't matter. "The Team" is still here..... Crayo, Dolph's, Seabs.

    Seabs - the Brain

    Crayo - the Deliberator

    Dolph's - the guy with the don't mess me label on his forehead
  6. The reunion. We shall take over the world :burns:.
  7. Rack'em
  8. Welcome back Jim Carrey4Life37.

    :burns: is still trending.
  9. Scavo, is that you, bro? Never officially met you, I know you're an HOFer here and I thank you for the welcome
  10. Welcome back, and by the way. By any chance is this jc_bach from Bout Evolution? :burns:
  11. Can't say I am
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