Lady Deathbane my beauty.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Is it possible for you to make a header-image for WF? If you're unsure what I mean, our current one is the one at the top left with Punk, Roode and Dolph on it. I think it's too small and isn't cool enough, and I know many other people have complained about it in the past.

    It's not a massive issue though so don't feel like I'll cut your balls off if you say no (you have none? Damn, I have no leverage now), but I thought I'd make a thread so users can harass you and request what they would want to see at the too of the site. I just feel WF could look more wrestling-related with a better image, but I'm not sure if it's your area of expertise in photoshop.

    Feels weird writing a thread but directly talking to one particular user. Feel like you're all ear-wigging our personal conversation... Anyway, feel free to way in some opinions on what you guys would want to see at the top of the site. If Lady can't or won't do it, don't worry, I can always try and request some from friends I have on other sites (I'm an internet slut)
  2. No threads on particular users, otherwise use the PM system.
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  3. I knew you'd come in here and abuse me; you're a terrorist, a bully, Scottish.
  4. So much Scottishism on this board, it's disgusting really.
  5. Like Scotland.
  7. Going to like that page, our council sucks.

    Edit: Tiny page, not gonna like it, thought it would have hundreds of thousands of likes by now.
  8. "1 person has been here"

    Aww, Crayo. :alone:
  9. Re: RE: Lady Deathbane my beauty.

    Cornwall has a thousand people who don't cower from the magic light box?
  10. Sort of on topic can we do away with the x-mass theme?
  11. :sad:

    Jesus you noobs are taking this so off-topic. Gimme some ideas on a nicer header.
  12. There's nothing wrong with it. You're the same admin as me, wanting to change stuff all the time. Just remove the festive icons like Cloud suggested.
  13. Needs a more up to date Roode for one
  14. He's had a slight haircut and doesn't dress like that, not much difference. However I do agree.
  15. And Punker, both have been pissing me off.

    And yeah I'm sure there is one Crayo, just the first one that appeared - I liked it :otunga:
  16. Should have a poll to see who we have up there
  17. Oh no, not that again.
  18. :yes: we like to vote
  19. Knew you'd say that Solidus. There's nothing wrong with it, it can just be improved. Our postbit as well for example, that can be improved. :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. Too bad PMs are broken.
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