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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Edit:
    I decided that making a whole new thread about the same thing is dumb so post any requests you have for me (such as making signatures or image editing for you) here!

    I work the best if I don't have too many restrictions.

    Simply just tell me the wrestler or person or whatever you want a sig of.

    You can also tell me what kind of theme/feel you want as well (i.e. grungy, girly, cartoony, etc.).

    I can also simply edit images for you (i.e. Farooq's name on the US belt below).


    For @Farooq

    For @Respect Gohan6425
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  2. Because I Was Bored

    How did you do it?! Thank you :yaY: :Yes: :Yay: :Yes:
  3. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Photoshop. xD

    I just started looking at everyone's belts since they're so many and I was like "with a little tweaking, they could look even awesomer on their sigs", lol.
  4. RE: Because I Was Bored

    That's great stuff! If you have time, I'd love my name on my title.
  5. RE: Because I Was Bored

    If I could find the actual belt I'd do it lol.
  6. Because I Was Bored

    *cough* I would love an Ambrose sig :yay:.
  7. RE: Because I Was Bored

    I think you could use some cough syrup. :pity:
  8. Because I Was Bored

    That is some great editing Lady Death.
  9. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Intercontinental champions don't get their name on their belt :downer:

    I don't really know much about Ambrose so I can't do a really good one so I just went with whatever looked cool and apparently that was breaking glass, lmao. :smug:
    Edit: You can use my old Shield sig if you prefer that, I think it looks way cooler.

  10. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Thank yooouu~! :lady:
  11. Because I Was Bored

    That is absolutely amazing. Thanks!
  12. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Hah, really? Well you're quite welcome, mr. admin guy.

    I'll take any requests. Might start a shop thread soon. :smug:
  13. Because I Was Bored

    Is it possible for you to add "Crayo" on the sig somewhere?
  14. RE: Because I Was Bored

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  15. Because I Was Bored

  16. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Lol, but seriously, I couldn't really find a way to keep both Ambrose's name and your name in the sig. without it looking weird and/or gay so it just came out to this, lol


    Is that cool or do you still want Ambrose's name in it? lol

    Played with his name more, idk. I'm just tired, lol.


    Anyway, I gotta' head to bed. I'll play with it more later if you still need something else. :dawg:
  17. Because I Was Bored

    I can has rollins sig as Christmas gift? :yay:
  18. Because I Was Bored

    You're awesome, going to use the Crayo one now and will +10 rep you if I can. Thanks Lady :emoji_slight_smile:.
  19. Because I Was Bored

    THANK U! :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. RE: Because I Was Bored

    Damien Sandow and Christopher Daniels say: [size=x-large]"You're welcome!"[/size]
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