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  1. Compared to previous visits, the site is lagging.

    I post once, and then this shit forum makes me post three times.

    Seriously, I'm trying to fucking do a suplex, not the three amigos, calm the fuck down.

    Fuck it though, I deserve it for being a fan of some fucking garbage ass luchador who can't fucking take bumps properly.
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  3. My thread is much more important than that one.
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  4. "no one man is bigger than the WWE" - John Cena 2012.
    No one thread is bigger than WWEforums...unless it has tits.
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  5. Get out of my thread. I was with you until I saw a hashtag in your sig. Might as well DDOS the website for seeing such faggotry, especially by a moderator.

    DDOS'ing isn't enough. Should deface the website and call you all faggots in Urdu.

  6. #NotCoolSis #NotCool :sad:
  7. You wanted Ruthless Aggression, I gave you a 3 minute squash match that ended in a dislocated finger.
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