Lana needs to get some ring time

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Lana needs to get some ring time I think its pointless her just being a valet for Rusev. Get in the ring woman! against my girl Paige lol
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  2. Great thread
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  3. I just like seeing her parade around in that skimpy business woman's outfit, she could sue me.. sue me sue me!
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  4. she cant be a diva if she has a penis tho :/
  5. Someone really needs to teach BLFFL how to make a status.
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  6. Lana needs to get some bed time... with me. :emoji_grin:
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  7. Lana would make Paige her bitch and it would be so hot.:fap:
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  8. Honestly as someone who tries to think of the divas division as relevant like me this is one of her more discussable threads imo.
  9. Paige would make Lana her bitch and put her in the scorpion cross lock
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  10. Valets don't need to wrestle. That's why they're valets. It's not pointless to have her as a valet because THAT'S HER FUCKING JOB.
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  11. I can fap to this :gusta:
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  12. work on your material lad
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  13. coming from you? hahahaha
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  14. you are all fur coat and no knickers lad

    model yourself after a real hardnut like me
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  15. You claim to have no confidence when speaking to women... but you damn sure think highly of yourself, constantly talking about how you are a hardnut, rugged, tall... to be honest I just think you are such a bullshitter that you even bullshit yourself.
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  16. That's the most likely scenario.

    As to the OP, has anyone actually seen Lana wrestle? If so, is she any good?

    I'd like to think she would need to be above-average to appear on the Raw roster, but Eva Marie......

    As to her valet role being pointless, I completely disagree. Her "managing" of Rusev is hugely successful. And the only way I see her stepping in a ring while in that role is if Paige teamed up with one of the men in WWE for the typical "man vs. man, woman vs. woman" feud.

  17. Lana has never wrestled, she was in a music group and an actress for several small items before being signed to the WWE and then scouting Rusev/Becoming his Ambassador/Valet.

    ^Ultimately the only song the Girl Group made before they failed.
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  18. She has not wrestled a single match because she hasn't trained to... her role is Rusev's valet and that's it... which makes the topic of this thread completely pointless much like 90% of the OP's threads. Lana (CJ Perry) was an actress before coming to NXT on a developmental deal and she is now being used as an actress.
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  19. proof is in the pudding lad