Lana picks fight with Brock Lesnar on behalf of Rusev

Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. I saw this on Twitter this morning and thought it would be worth mentioning here.

    “@HeymanHustle & @BrockLesnar are back.I look forward to the day that @RusevBUL will CRUSH the man that conquered streak ! @WWE #RAW”

    Basically what this tells me is Rusev and Lana are gonna interrupt Heyman and Lesnar next time they promo and the two of them brawl. I think we all know how that's gonna end.
  2. A homoerotic encounter? :idk:
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  3. That's an interesting conclusion based on the fact that the next time they promo Cena will also be there, given that Cena is facing Lesnar at SummerSlam for the WWE WHC and all.
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  4. lol twitter
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  5. Just Lana talking shit on behalf of her man, nothing else. There might be a heel vs heel stare down between the two backstage, ala Brock Lesnar and the NWO in 2002, but I wouldn't expect there to be any physical interaction between them. There would literally be no upside to having Lesnar destroy Rusev in a brawl or vice versa (although seeing them go at it would be great from a mark point of view.)
  6. You mean MY point of view? :lol1: But really, I don't give a shit about Lesnar, so meh
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  7. May as well feed Rusev to Bork.
  8. My man Brock WILL defeat John Cena and win the titles and he WILL destroy Rusev. And Lana better stay in the back as Brock WILL destroy her as well if she event attempts to get in the ring with him
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  9. Bold prediction :pity2:
  10. I forgot to add yes that is my next predication that I WILL get right remember everyone I got Brock beating the streak right and nobody believed me
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  11. The lass has a point, she was right
  12. Oh come on, EVERYONE thinks Brock is going to win. Sorry to inform you, but you are not the first and only to make that prediction like you were with the streak.
  13. Hey now, Twitter is important! Remember when Kofi insulted the Authority via Twitter and got taken out on PPV by THE DEMON KANE for his insolence!? Huh? Huh?

    yeah this is nothing
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  14. you can only say what you see lad
  15. I have no idea what that means
  16. the lass can only say what she thinks

    she is picking what she believes, whether it is expcted or unexpected
  17. Ah, ok then
  18. If this is bound to happen somewhere down the line, then I'm up for it, even if it's heel vs heel. Brock would beat Rusev and that'd be alright in my book. Hopefully Swagger will be the first one to defeat Rusev.
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  19. I can only see the two physically interacting if they decide to give Rusev the Muhammad Hassan treatment, the result of which would be Brock destroying him and effectively "killing him off" for the time being until they repackage Rusev a little and bring him back later on. But I see little sense in Rusev receiving that treatment considering he's not getting anywhere near the levels of nuclear heat that the Hassan character was getting, not to mention Brock Lesnar is a heel. We all know that Brock is gonna unavoidably be cheered against John Cena, but he should still technically be booked as a heel as much as possible since he's meant to be one, and killing off a hated character like Rusev would do nothing but earn him even more cheers from the crowd. (The equivalent would be if they had let a heel be the one to kill off Hassan, which would have been nonsensical.) I predict the most there'll be is a standoff between the two (likely backstage) that doesn't result in any physical altercations.

    If they really were gonna go ahead with killing off Rusev though (as terrible of a decision as that would be), then just have Roman Reigns do it just to give him a nice little accolade. They'd probably have Cena do it though, unfortunately, because god knows he doesn't have enough feathers in his cap already.
  20. so glorious that you can't make threads anymore
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