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Cody Rhodes defeated Jimmy Havoc on tonight’s (Mar. 25) episode of Dynamite, in what guest commentator Kenny Omega referred to as a “tune-up” match.

The main thing that stood out about the match was a handshake, as well as Havoc grabbing Cody’s tongue. Maybe these guys didn’t get the memo about the coronavirus pandemic, despite wrestling in a venue with no live audience?

After the match was over, a pre-recorded Jake “The Snake” Roberts video aired on the big screen. Here’s what he had to say:

Every time @JakeSnakeDDT speaks we get serious chills #AEWDynamite on @tntdrama

— All Elite Wrestling on TNT (@AEWonTNT) March 26, 2020
Roberts just wants something to sign for one meeting with Lance Archer and Rhodes, and he used a Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky reference during his plea. That’s all they need is one chance to get the job done. You can trust a snake.

Cody was strongly resistant to the idea that Archer can just walk into AEW and get a match with him, without having to earn his way up the ladder. That seems like an elitist attitude from a babyface, no?

This Lance Archer angle is doing wonders for Jake Roberts, who has returned to being one of the best promos in wresting. But will it eventually help get Lance Archer over?

I guess we’ll start to find out the answer to that question next week.

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