Lance Storm On How WWE Is Booking Brock Lesnar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, May 7, 2012.

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  1. I personally think Lance Storm is correct and what he's said is logically fair. I can understand reasons for making John Cena win at Extreme Rules from WWE's Administrative point of view however I think what Lance Storm as said is true and I think he know's what he's talking about when it comes to discussions like these to say the least. Not only do I agree with what he had to say in regards to Cena but what he's said on Brock Lesnar's appearances is also pretty simple and Lance Storm stated the obvious that WWE failed to do.
  2. Pretty much what I said. One loss doesn't ruin the mystique of Brock, he had Cena pinned for 10 and Cena had to cheat to win. Then he goes and breaks HHH's arm.
  3. It doesn't really ruin the mystique or anything, but I still think it would've been better if he won. I agree with Storm when he says they should use him on lots of PPVs, that's pretty obvious in my opinion. If he has limited appearances, use him on dates that make you money.
  4. Seriously. If you have Brock for 1 year and he misses even a single PPV you are fucking up royally. A guy of Brock's stature can elevate a worker even if he is kicking their ass.
  5. I posted a whole article that he wrote on this issue in another thread.
  6. Brock Lesnar should be appearing on all Paper-views including WrestleMania, obviously. That's where you'll make the big money off him. He's sold the most paper-views in the history of UFC so if he's done that, what does it tell the WWE. It show's them that he's a paper-view selling machine, look at how great Extreme Rules match was. Sometimes I don't understand the WWE.
  7. Lance who, once again?:mj:
  8. Lance Storm. :otunga:
  9. Does anybody know where Lance Storm is from?

  10. Canada
  11. Isn't it "Calgary......AlBERta, Canada"?

  12. No idea mate.
  13. From that suckhole country they call Canada (and I apologize to all the Mexicans out there). :steiner:

  14. Sorry. That was from his time in WCW when he would come out and announce that he was from "Calgary......AlBERTa, Canada" and then they'd play the Canadian national anthem.

    Just gave me a chuckle to ask.

  15. Lol that joke would have gone better if an active watcher of WCW read it :emoji_slight_frown:.
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