Lance Storm's Idea To End The Streak

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  1. I agree with his sentiments about the streak ending being a huge deal and almost too big to pass up. You'd be missing out on a huge moment in WWE history and wrestling history in general. But my argument has always been it needs to be with the right person. I don't agree at all that it doesn't matter who breaks it, Lance has said himself before that one reason it should probably stay intact is that the guy who breaks it might not work out in the long run or might just turn around and leave like Brock Lesnar did, taking the honor of beating the streak along with him.

    I also think, as good as his idea is, that it wouldn't make a difference in the long run. A lot of casual fans believe anyway that the streak could end every year, so there's always the drama attached to that. Plus, from a realistic POV as far as WWE is concerned, there's certain opponents you know won't end it. Punk this year for example. HHH last year and the year before. Even Michaels at 26 as everyone knew he was retiring anyway. This wouldn't change even if Taker said he was retiring after the loss of the streak, which most probably figure anyway at this point (even if they don't, it's still the end of coming back to Wrestlemania to defend the immortal streak every year.) And there's always that chance that after awhile, Taker could come out anyway and say that no one has defeated him yet and that he thinks it's time to give them one last chance (in other words, he's pretty saying he's retiring after one more match), and in that case, I could see him handpicking an opponent who he thinks would be the biggest challenge left, which sounds like a good set up for Cena/Taker, if you ask me.

    WWE also must know that there's the chance that when the time comes, they may not want to end the streak and so they don't want to back themselves into a corner with this.
  2. Streak shouldn't end. A good push can put any superstar over, you don't need a push like ending the streak. But there's nothing like the streak. It's too big a thing to come to an end.
  3. I'd really like that storyline, just as long as they picked the right guy. I also disagree with him on that. As said, they have to get a young guy who's extremely talented and loaded with potential, and build him up to a certain point where it won't look like crap if he beats the streak but it also won't be a waste, but they gotta be ready because that guy will have to stick with WWE and not flop.
  4. I think the right guy to end it should be someone they KNOW will be a big star or someone who has already reached that mountaintop but has only ruled it for one or two or at the very most, three or four years. With the former, I'd use Steve Austin going into Wrestlemania 14 and John Cena/Batista going into Wrestlemania 21 as examples. The company knew they had big stars for the future on their hands and thus I would trust someone of that stature to end the streak.

    But I still think the latter is better. I don't believe the streak should be used to propel someone into the main event, I believe the better route to take is that they should already be on that level and ending the streak just propels them further into the stratosphere. Like Hogan in 1986 or 1987. It was 1987 at Wrestlemania 3 (which is still WWF's most iconic event) when Hogan ended Andre's streak of never being defeated before or body slammed before. Of course, he HAD been defeated and body slammed before years earlier (even by Hogan as far as the latter is concerned) but they hid that fact to add further hype to the match and the result was what is considered the pinnacle of Hulkamania and the 80's boom period. Many even say that Cena/Undertaker could be the Hogan/Andre of it's generation. Steve Austin in 1999 or even 2001 (before he turned heel) would be the right time for him, as well as Rock in 2000 or 2001, or Cena in 2007 (WWE did great business in 2007 with Cena's long reign where Cena had more heat than ever before.) Someone in those kinds of positions where they are well established as main eventers already but don't have the huge number of years that Cena has under his belt now, for example.

    The problem is, Taker doesn't have very much left and there is currently no one that fits either category. It's the obvious reason (obvious to me, anyway) why the match with Cena has been held off this long. Because the WWE know they may not want to end the streak if there is no one they feel confident in giving it to, and Cena is the biggest name currently on the roster to end the streak defeating. Their thought process is likely that by the time Taker decides to hang them up, Cena may still be the biggest name and they want him to go out with the biggest final match and Mania main event (you're crazy if you think Taker's retirement match won't headline Mania) possible.
  5. Now we see why Storm doesn't work for WWE Creative. What a brilliant idea that would have been to add to the streak storyline.
  6. I think the streak shouldn't end, the streak is the greatest thing in WWE.
  7. It would be even more of a spectacle if they had done what Storm suggests here.
  8. Like I mentioned in my first post, I don't think it'd be really any different. The streak is still on the line every year, the drama of it ending is still there, most casuals still buy into the possibility of it ending every year anyway and if they don't, then they know certain opponents will have no chance of ending it anyway. If anything, Taker promising retirement makes it more predictable in some ways because if you think that Taker (back when Taker was still a full time wrestler) may still wrestle even after the streak is over, you can more easier buy into someone like CM Punk (imagine the match took place years earlier with the same angle and everything) defeating Undertaker. Whereas you know that Taker's retirement is not gonna be losing against certain people like letting a heel like Punk get the last laugh on his streak and career after the way he disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer.
  9. There is not a perfect fit for that role in the WWE as of yet but I think its a great idea, Undertaker is a legend with or without the streak....
    Closest to the role of using the streak would be Ziggler/ Bryan/ Punk/ Barrett/ at the moment I would pick one of them.. or for more in the future use someone from the shield or someone from NXT coming through.
    But like you said don't use the streak to make someones career use it to make an amazing storyline

    Personally Orton would have been perfect as the Legend killer... maybe a heel turn and go after him again or is it too late for randy?
  10. Yeeeah, I think the ship has sailed as far as Orton breaking the streak goes.
  12. *Stands up and gives a great round of applause*

    It's amazing how often little things like this can help wrestling.
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