Langston denies being Kaitlyn's admirer

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Big E wins yet again.
  2. We'll get you one day Big day.
  3. I wish WWE let him be just as charismatic on screen. Dat dude got dem jokes.
  4. I'm still marking for when he told her that the kitchen counter needed her elbow grease :haha:
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  5. :lol1: when was that again? :dawg:
  6. When Kaitlyn told Big E he had cleavage, he told her that any man would be lucky to have her make a sandwich for them, then she mad another response, and he said that the kitchen counters needed her elbow grease. It was a true marking moment really :true:
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  7. He tweeted her about the admirer. Then said something about getting her in the kitchen.
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  8. You can be clever/funny and still not have charisma. I defo don't buy into this theory that WWE tells Big E to be a big boring stoic motherfucker.
  9. LOLOLOL, omg. Now I remember. I said Big E is like a mix of you and Dat Kid. :lol1:
  10. I guess, but I don't see why he would purposely be just a quiet mf on screen while he's a witty bastard on Twitter.
  11. They would make a good couple they both have big tits
  12. Again, you can be witty and not be charismatic or outgoing. They don't exactly always go hand in hand. What benefit is there for WWE to be like "Hey Big E we all know you are a charismatic beast, but tone it down 15 notches so you come across as a boring asshole on television!"
  13. What benefit is there for Langston to choose to be a boring asshole was my question, lol
  14. There isn't one? Big E deciding to be boring on screen makes even less sense than the theory people have about WWE wanting him to be boring.
  15. :why:
  16. Point being it is a lot more likely that he is just sort of dull in person despite his twitter witter, as opposed to he or WWE deciding to turn down his natural charisma.
  17. That's when WWELogic comes into play
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