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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Lapsed fan. Haven't watched since around WM 31. I've tried, I just lost interest in the product. Happens I suppose. How is it now?
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  2. Well, Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is about to happen at Wrestlemania again lol
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  3. Still pushing Reigns as the ME then and main man. This is a shit hot WWE roster I don't see why they don't just flow with it. They've made bank on Bryan and always make bank on Miz.
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  4. The women's end of the stick is crap again. So there is that. Hopefully that improves soon. They actually have talent and aren't using it. Figures.
    All the story lines at the moment have a lot of plot holes in general. Hopefully that evens out after WM. I want Jericho to come back already...

    Also, welcome back @Cloud :brock3:
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  5. So @Solid Snake storylines are usual crap. But the wrestling is good. Well AJ Styles that's still new for me so wooooooo.
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  6. Because the WWE hates us...

    It just wants our money & for us to cheer for the Plank of Wood...

    So you've missed 3 years? I can easily sum it up for you..


    Oh & Ric Flair's Daughter won some stuff, a less talented
    clone of Trish Stratus appeared, The Miz is better than ever,
    Strowman reminded people of the 80's, Lesnar has done
    fuck all & the New Day made people smile.

    That's about it right guys?

    Just watch NXT...
  7. Thanks for that so disturbing.

    The VInce bit where does that date from?
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  8. You're Welcome...

    I THINK it had something to do with
    Stacy Keibler dancing or posing on
    a desk as a slutty secretary...but I'm
    not sure...I didn't make that gif...I'm
    not that funny or talented.
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  10. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
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  11. If you've been out for 3 years, now is not the time to get back into wrestling.. Maybe try again in another 3.
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  12. What's the bet it will be Lesnar vs. Reigns Mk.3 at Wrestlemania 37?

  13. The Good:
    Braun Strowman
    Alexa's facials/promos
    Ronda hype
    Asuka's steak still alive
    Orton not in the main title picture
    Old man Cena storyline

    The Bad:
    Roman Reigns still shoved down our throats
    A cursed Cruiserweight division
    Bray Wyatt's booking
    Becky underutilised as fug
    The whole Shane/Bryan/Sami/Kevin storyline

    I'd say the good outweigh the bad atm
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  14. The bitch can't wrestle! She should go act in movies!

    I second this...VERY LOUDLY!!!

    The WWE would be so much better with more Becky..
  15. I would like to see a "movie" featuring both Alexa and Becky :emoji_wink:
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  16. When you put it like that, it doesn't really seem so bad right now. I agree with almost everything there.
  17. No...Becky & Charlotte please...

    Wait...what type of "movie" are we talking about?
  18. Let me just say....
    Use ur imagination Grievs!
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  19. Bad idea imagination can be a
    dangerous & devious weapon if used incorrectly.
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  20. Huh..... I thought that would've been a good idea for you. Ha! I mean it can't be that Har.... uh, Difficult, to imagine ANYTHING With Becky and Ms Flair. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
    I think I'll stop right there.... :emoji_zipper_mouth:
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