Laptop Problem.. Please HELP! :upset:

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  1. I have a Toshiba Satellite L455D.
    I went through the normal process of restoring it to factory (out of the box)...
    Well, now it don't work!!!!!
    :upset: :why:

    I keep gettin an error F3-200-0002! I can't even pull up the menu anymore. Soon as I turn it on, it loads then goes right to the error & says "hit ok to shut down computer"...

    I called Toshiba Support, went through things with them & they are saying its the hardware & the computer was already defective. This laptop was only $279 so its not worth putting money into... Is there anything I can to do without having to take it in to get looked at?

    I want to cry right now. :upset:

  2. I'm so sorry you're having trouble with your laptop! My dad has a Toshiba as well and it acts up on him too. I'd suggest investing in a different computer all together. I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 that I really like. I've had it for two years now and it runs just as smoothly and efficiently as when I first got it. Just do some research on quality and cost-efficient laptops or perhaps look into making a custom computer.
  3. Yeah I am lookin at some HP's right now. Gotta see what my hubby says... Hope he says just get a new one. I hate Toshiba products.
  4. I can link you a one similar to mine, Any required specs, What will you use it for and budget?
  5. I want one that is under $500, 6GB or better system memory, uhhh good battery life, HDMI port, one that will run videos great & store lots of them and pictures. lol
  6. Hmm, The only issue I could see is battery life and RAM because I may only find 4GB of RAM and battery life that is long is hard to find nowadays
  7. It doesn't have to be 9 hours or anything like that but 3.5 hours or better.
  8. I was looking at a HP g-7 that would be more powerful than that one & cheaper. lol
  9. I would go with that one,
  10. I just got a laptop from Toshiba from there web site and it worked great. I got window 7 but it was like $564 since I got a laptop backpack to with it and after taxs. for $50 more got a better processor that was in the 564. I did not window 8 b/c I don't apps thinks. all pc though come with a 1 year warty so u can just bring it back to then for a new laptop if it giving u that much of probram. and then look for one there that has a good processor it maybe more money but ur going better pc. cheaper is not always better when it come to getting a new pc. u need to look at the processor and the speed. my is a 2020M and a 2.40GHz which is really good and help me for when I got to collage fall for the abode program I still have to get. if u have a speed under 2.00 GHz it is shitet PC plain an sample u want to aleast something over 2.00 GHz out it shit. It sound for a 279 laptop I think u would have a 1.85 GHz which is bad to have if u put a lot of programs on it.
  11. Jonathan is right, you didn't restore it properly, and you either got ancy and shut it down, it ran out of battery, or something. It warns you to not turn off or basically touch it while it's formatting. You can get it to run again properly, but you WILL have to buy a new os, which blows. I'd buy a new one
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