Las Vegas - SPOILERS for Impact Wrestling 7/4 & 7/11

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  2. Got some more detailed spoilers with some match ratings and such. Should I post them?
  3. Personally I feel like some things seem a bit off, the hot potato game with the X title left me scratching my head and Rampage was predictable. Other than that it seems to be an overall good show. I'm sure the X-division stuff will come off good on TV but I still felt like the quick title reign for Aries wasn't really needed. There were other ways to put focus and fire behind Sabin.
  4. *Covers eyes*

    Any reason for optimism? (Besides it just being consistent ol' Impact)
  5. Thank God the Gutcheck guys didn't get signed. Their match was beyond bad.
  6. Hey, people are complaining heavily about the predictability on Impact these days. TNA gave us a dose of awesome unpredictability with Suicide and the X Division and they still moan about it. Now I ain't talking about you, just certain amount of IWC. Was there other ways to all this maybe? Yes. But I like the unpredictability they went with instead of two generic X title 3 way matches. I bet you love it too.

    Magnus is the rising star of the entire summer. X Division actually matters in the months of June and July. We have a great heel in Mickie James. Plus, TNA is giving us the unpredictable episodes again.
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  7. Wonderful.

    The Magnus push, the BFG Series as a whole, the X and Knockouts divisions have been (and there's no reason to believe they won't continue to be) very good television. I'll bitch about the MEM and the Aces, but hopefully with all this other stuff there won't be enough screentime to make them that big of a deal for now, leaving the other stuff to give us fantastic television.

    Speaking of the MEM, saw who the other two members are. That's a really, really strong faction.

    Wasn't thinking "should we be optimistic towards TNA's future", meant "What about the next two weeks, how optimistic should we be for now?". And the unpredictable TV is great right now. I love logical booking as much as the next guy but Pritchard's booking has been so long term and so logical... Ya know, I miss having some spice on top of our cakes. Hell, I used to praise Russo more than anyone else on here since his shows were always entertaining (now that WWE has improved I'm relatively happy with both companies creatively), but the complaints about him are still valid. I've seen people in the IWC say the Aries swerve was Russo-booking, no. That was fucking awesome lmao. Don't see how anyone can bitch about that outside of "Nooooo! Chris Sabin was screwed!" but we can actually believe Aries winning the title unlike @ProjectSabin.

    Side note: When was the last hilariously bad thing we've seen? The thing you look back on and laugh at the stupidity of it? Michael Cole vs John Cena? Maybe Claire Lynch, but that was just sad/bad. #IWCRevolution
  8. Lol. Maybe when Velvet Sky cried? Haha, I cringed @ that shit.

    But anyway, summers in TNA are pretty much always intriguing and this one looks like that too.

    Magnus in the MEM has really upgraded my opinion on the group. You have Sting as the godfather, Angle as consigliere(?), Rampage as the enforcer (or hitman), Joe as a thug, and Magnus as their prospect to take the title off of Bully Ray and finally become the heavyweight champion and the IT factor (no pun intended) of the mafia.
  9. I guess they're really great matches. I don't really get the point on having Jackson as a member of the MEM because he hasn't competed yet and he's a part timer since he said he would be a full timer wrestler when his MMA career was over. Really, I don't get it, unless it's all about look great and sell MEM products it's a stupid move IMO.
  10. Attendance numbers report from TNAsylum's own Bigdawg:

    " After tracking the numbers consistently since the day they went on sale, and also attending the event LIVE in person, I have calculated the final numbers for the Las Vegas tapings. The final grand total was 3,350 in attendance. While that final number is not outstanding, it is worth noting that the crowd was very vocal and loud 90% of the time during these 2 shows. I have more detailed information on the sections sold, and also took several pictures while there to calculate these final numbers. "

    Good number.
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