Lashley Comes Unhinged!

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    Following the match between Eric Young and Tyrus, Lashley spears Eric Young! Rockstar Spud tries defending EY, but Lashley powers him onto the mat! Lashley attacks a crew member before wrapping a steel chair around the arm of EY. He stomps on the chair before locking in a crossface! Austin Aries makes the save and challenges Lashley to a match.

    Main Event:​

    Lashley vs. Austin Aries​

    At the sound of the bell, Austin Aries attacks with a flurry of offense. Lashley counters with a front slam. Lashley drives Aries into the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. Aries counters Lashley’s attack with a bridging submission hold. He breaks the hold and sends Lashley to the outside.

    Aries flies over the top rope. Lashley catches him, but Aries counters, sending Lashley face-first into the ring post. Lashley stumbles backwards and rests on the guardrail. Aries connects with a huge running dropkick to the face!

    He rolls Lashley into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Aries stumbles and Lashley capitalizes on his miscalculation. Aries attempts to fight back, but Lashley powers through, driving him back down to the mat. Lashley stomps Aries in the corner. Then, he drags Aries to the opposite corner, but Aries counters and connects with a series of rights.

    Lashley shoves Aries backwards – and when he stands, Lashley pummels him with a hard clothesline. Lashley continues to assert his dominance by hurling Aries overhead with seven belly-to-belly suplexes!

    Lashley charges with a spear, but Aries catches him with a boot to the face. Aries goes up top – but Lashley counters and attempts a superplex. Aries bites Lashley, then boxes his ears, sending “The Destroyer” crashing onto the mat!

    Aries connects with a huge missile dropkick and discus forearm! Aries attempts a brainbuster, but Lashley counters, sending Aries over the top rope. Aries lands on the apron and connects with a series of forearms.

    Aries catches Lashley with a neckbreaker that sends him to the outside. Aries flies – and connects with a suicide dive, sending Lashley crashing into the guardrail! He rolls Lashley into the ring and climbs the ropes again. Lashley counters, sending Aries crashing into the steel steps!

    Lashley leaps out of the ring and powers Aries into the steps again. Aries gets destroyed with a huge spear – as the referee’s count reaches ten for a double count-out.

    Result: Double Count-out

    Post-Match: Lashley sends Aries crashing onto the ramp with an overhead press! Then, he locks in a crossface that requires additional referees to break the hold.



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