News Lashley signs with Bellator

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  1. (Apologies if this has been posted already, but... I did a search and couldn't find it.)


    So King Mo and Lashley for the same Bellator event. Kudos to them.
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  2. I'll pull for Lashley to win the MMA fight.
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  3. I seldom ever watch these, but I'm actually tempted to try to watch that one.
  4. TNA could use the positive exposure. Unlike other projects, this makes them look like a star promotion.
    Unlike employing aspiring actors and musicians, who can only help the company reach non-die hards, MMA stars can go out and bring in new die hards.
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  5. Lashley is as exciting of a fighter as he is pro wrestler.


    cool of it somehow gets more eyes on Curran and Pitbull though. they deserve exposure
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  6. Apparently Mahoef has signed also, that's the better deal.
  7. He looked pretty washed up in that Glory event I watched
  8. just like yourself
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  9. His power is still there though I'd imagine. He always has a spectacular KO in his locker
  10. I'm just not the man I was at 21 anymore
  11. you the fucking best, you the fucking best.
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  12. It was a very good year back then
  13. Fortunately for Lashley his personality and his face have nothing to do with success in the octagon.
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