Last day to decide: iPhone 4S or Galaxy S III

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. I've been paid and I'm getting the phone tomorrow, but I have no idea which to get.

    Note: I'm a noob with smart phones so the simpler one would be better. I will be using it mainly for texting, phone calls, internet and apps to help work out routines (calory counting apps, running calculation apps etc)
  2. I'd go for Iphone 4S, I think it is simple and easy to use
  3. Samsung all the way boy. Best phone in the world at the moment.
  4. My sisters got iPhone 4S's and it's really not worth it. If you are a really busy person then sure, but Siri really isn't that efficient. Galaxy s3 won't have slow internet problems too.
  5. Go Android, you won't regret it.
  6. Get the SIII so we can video call.
  7. Of course, also Facetime sucks so yeah get the sIII
  8. I'm really not a tweaker though. All video reviews I've been watching say the iPhone is the easier one to use and the Samsung has more settings/features but is more complicated.

    I'm never video calling with you okay? Ever. Like one day if I have to video call with you to survive, I still won't. Ever.

    Okay maybe sometimes.
  9. We all know you'll video call every day.
  10. Sometimes twice a day.
  11. [​IMG]

    Go with S III. Faster processor, Double the RAM, microSD slot, way bigger screen, HD display screen, better front camera, more standby time.

    Also, Android is way better than iOS. Anything can get a little difficult if you're switching to a different operating system. If I went to iOS, I'd have trouble with it also in the beginning but later on you just get used to it.
  12. iPhone atm.. S GIII's seem to get weird scratched on it after a while without you dropping it.

    Like it's drying out or something. So iPhone for me imo.. Gonna get one soon, done with the HTC..
  13. Hmm? S3 has microsim
  14. I think there are 3 different models.
  15. why people send so much on a phone :true: a brick is good enough.. you call people.. they call you.. you text people.. they text you.. is win win situation!
  16. Ordered Samsung Galaxy S III and it's coming on Monday. That, and 1000th RAW should equal a decent day.
  17. Excellent, now I can share the best apps and games with you.
  18. Excellent, still won't be able to watch RAW 1000 :upset:
  19. And what would those be? :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, do you have the same phone?
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