Last night was horrible for Ryback.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Ryback was built up as the loner who just wanted to feed. He didn't like anyone and was more of a tweener, but last night WWE found a way to ruin that. Coming off a fantastic PPV where they managed to make Shield look like gold and still have Ryback come off well, they ruin it the night after by having Ryback seriously align himself with Team Hell No, making it look like a trio of friends than anything else. It would be much better if he comes out for the save and then just stares at Hell No and storms off, as i he's blaming them, instead of standing beside them as a team chanting feed me more.

    Furthermore, him shaking hands with Flair and Sheamus really just ruins his character for me, he's now one of those super faces that just irritate me. Ryback could have claimed his award, snubbed Sheamus and then made his speech. Sheamus could have sold it well just by looking intimidated. This is what fans want, I'm sure everyone else is sick of the childish super face vs super heel (good guy vs bad guy) constantly.
  2. They are making Cena 2.0 but at least Ryback isn't completely cheesey
  3. I agree they sucked some of what was unique about his character out of him last night.

    As you say it's yet another Superface which is what they need to be pulling away from. They need to blur the lines more and take risks on both sides of the coin.
  4. It's only a matter of time now before he starts naming the city he's in, and saying he does it all for the fans. :eww:
  5. At least they didn't have Ryback dancing and telling lame jokes. :Happy:
  6. Only a matter of time :sad:

    I was a fan of the tweener type character he had, the no-nonsense just beat people up whenever character, it worked for Austin. I honestly think the fans have evolved, a super-nice-smiley guy isn't going to become as over as Cena ever, I really think it's time to move on from that ideology like Vince McMahon said himself at the launch of the attitude era.
  7. Vince needs someone else to be kicking his ass hard to do something. So far, he still has control, and will apply his characteristic face booking to his hand-picked new top guy. It's sad we have to sit through it, I'm not surprised. We had Ryback as a no-nonsense face who looked like a tweener because all he did was squash jobbers, there weren't any situations where he'd be in contact with other faces. As soon as they got him close to other faces, the friendly interactions started. I'm a big fan, but I think they're going to drive his character to the ground if they keep doing this.
  8. Remember how Ambrose pushed Rollins off of a guy last week to beat on him. Thats what Ryback should be doing to Hell No. "Get out of my way cause I need to feed" Or something along those lines.
  9. lol Don't you mean "Be fed?"
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  10. :pipebomb:
  11. Can't expect much from Crayo. :pity1:
  12. Typo, noobs.
  13. If Ryback was an animal he would want to feed!! That's what Crayo was getting at.
  14. Lol, well that didn't take long. Oh IWC, never change.

    Crayo got a new toy to play with, so fuck Ryback! It's all about the Shield now!

    I like Ryback. Idk why. I try not to, but I do. It's like that song "Hey There Delilah" It's corny and I know it's made for high school chicks and mom's going through mid life crisis but it's so damn catchy!!!!
  15. I still like Ryback, that slight booking change has just made me less excited for his segments. If anyone can remember, the one thing I used to go on about with Ryback was that he was different from other pushed faces, but he's slowly losing it with how WWE are booking him now. I much preferred the loner character, all this sudden liking towards faces and hatred towards heels is so childish and outdated booking.

    They can still change that, I'm still a fan, I'll still defend him.
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