Kayfabe Preview Show Last Rites: Adams & Mills vs Clique

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    The debut of a superstar and a tag team all in one
    Brad Adams
    @BradAdams & Chase Mills @DiggleGick vs Clique (Joseph Diamond @CiV & Frankie Highwood @Gino )


    Only the competitors can post here.
    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on September 2nd British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
  2. this match has been extended by @Gino for 36 hours so Joseph can polish his diamond and Chase Mills can....chase mills.
  3. III - The True Kings

    *We open our scene in a garage, a silver expensive looking car sits in the center of the garage. Leaning against the side of the car is Brad Adams, who wears a traditional 'BA' t-shirt, black shorts and some trainers. Adams has a smile on his face, and gestures for the camera to get closer to him.*

    Adams - "Hello everyone. It's your favourite RWK superstar Brad Adams here, and some of you may be asking what this wonderful vehicle is to the right of me. To keep a long story short, this is a Porsche 911 Turbo, I haven't had it for very long, but it cost me a lot of money. Quite a lot of money, somewhere in the region of £100,000 to be exact. I guess that you want to know how I got that kind of money? Well, it's none of your fucking business."

    *Adams re-adjusts himself and starts to walk around the car, the camera following him as he goes around.*

    Adams - "I'm here in my garage as I thought it would be the perfect setting to talk about my upcoming match at RWK: Last Rites, where management had the 'perfect idea' to team me up with Chase Mills, in order to take on Frankie Highwood and Joseph Diamond. Why RWK have put me in a tag match that doesn't involve Victor Sokolova, I don't know, but perhaps with Chase Mills being this rookie who's just come into RWK... then it should be beneficial for him to learn off of a master like myself. I'll give him his chances for sure, but the man that you'll see picking up the win is Brad Adams."

    *Brad stops walking and goes back to where he was standing before, looking straight into the camera.*

    Adams - "Now for the important stuff that you people want to hear from me, my opponents, what do I think of them? Honestly, not much. They call themselves... Clique. Like a little club. All talk, no fight, because when Last Rites does come around, it will only take a... ahem... 'click' of my fingers in order for both Diamond and Highwood to fall. I am superior to all three men in this match up, and Chase Mills is lucky to be the one teaming up with me, because it's almost guaranteed him victory. No matter how close Highwood and Diamond are, no matter how strong their bonds are together, it won't be enough, and it never will be enough to keep me down. Vendetta and Red King... yeah, they managed to sneak in a victory against me, but what happened to them after? Ryan Vendetta, a fired man, drove over the edge by Sokolova, probably will never come back. Red King, I killed him inside the Lion's Den, he underestimated me, but I had him trapped, and took down the so called 'beast'."

    *Adams reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of car keys, he winks at the camera and a click is heard from the car. Brad opens the door of the car, and sits down inside of it, still looking at the camera.*

    Adams - "Joseph, the New King, whatever the fuck you call yourself. However, you certainly aren't a diamond, not even close to one. The three of you are wrestling royalty? Fuck out of here. I know he's currently resting up at home, but Victor and I, rEvolution, we are the fucking kings of this place. Two kings and one queen? More like three peasants. We don't bow down to you, you bow down to us. Frankie, you've got all of this stuff mixed up, people won't care about Vendetta and Blizzard, I'll give you that, but people won't care about you or your 'Clique' buds either. There will be one thing that the people will remember, and I assure you that people will remember this... because they'll remember when I, and I alone, kicked the shit out of both of you."

    *Brad shuts the door of the car, and starts it up, and gestures for the cameraman to come closer to the window. Adams then rolls down the window so he can be heard.*

    Adams - "Brad Adams signing off."

    *Adams revs the engine and drives off out of the garage. The cameraman is heard sighing before the screen fades out.*
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  4. The scene opens to a familiar sight. The interior of Frankie Highwood and Maria Stafford’s New York loft. Compared to the last time they were seen, the loft’s interior looks to have been upgraded. Expensive artwork hangs on the walls and a very oddly shaped sculpture that many snobs would call “artistic” sits in a corner behind the light purple couch. Seated on the couch are Frankie and Maria, who look as though they are ready to have a night out on the town. Maria looks especially done up, with her hair curled extravagantly. Frankie's hair is combed and gelled up into a slick "poof" that screams "douchebag". They look smug, and Frankie is the first of the couple to speak.

    "This is what happens when you bet on the right horse."

    Making a motion with his hands, Frankie makes an effort to exaggerate the expensive items that fill the couple's home. As he does this, Maria is the first one to speak.

    "Controversy cashes checks. There's a ton of talk about what we and Joseph Diamond did last month. Some called it a mockery of the business. Others called it disgraceful and called for us to be suspended for what we did. What we call it, though, is an effective and profitable business strategy. Going into their match, Frankie was heavily favored to win by a good margin. That means that Joey D had the odds stacked against him. Looking at our options, we decided to bet on the winning horse."

    Frankie takes over the talking.

    "Unlike some other jokers in this company, Joseph, Maria, and I know how to turn things into our favor. So, before our match, somebody leaked to investors that Joseph Diamond was the horse that should be bet on. One of those investors, a beautiful woman from Michigan was so confident in the match's result that she put her entire life savings, $15,000 all went onto Joseph Diamond...$15,000 that ended up turning into about $255,000. Give or take a couple thousand."

    "In professional wrestling, the only thing that is more important than having the physical tools is having the right mental capacity to play everybody. People can say whatever they wish about the investors, they did what they had to to get ahead in the world. I only wonder what they did with the money. Maybe they decorated their home with things they could have never imagined owning. Everybody deserves to know what it's like to live the high life."

    "Well, not everybody."

    Maria interjects, not happy with the consideration of other people living a lavish life that some investors manage to live.

    "Well, of course. Some people just don't deserve the life that some investors are blessed with the smarts to handle. Someone like Brad Adams shouldn't pretend like he's better than anyone because he has a fancy car that goes really, really fast. A flashy car doesn't symbolize wealth, it symbolizes ignorance and idiotic spending. No, what wealth really is is a symbol of the class and the power that you possess. Even though it doesn't look like it yet, Joseph, Maria, and I are three of the most powerful people in the entire company. We've got the connections that we need to succeed. We have the talent, the swagger, and the look that is needed to actually stand out in this company. We're not psychotic manimals who need a handler to get around. We're not a couple of washed up guys who need to hold onto the spotlight one final time. We are the present and future of professional wrestling. Our names have already made headlines by fooling everybody last month; they'll keep making headlines after you and Chase MIlls -who probably won't even show up at Last Rites- get shown why you shouldn't mess with royalty."

    Taking a break, Frankie leans back into the couch as Maria takes the opportunity to interject with some insults of her own.

    "One thing you can continue to do, Brad, is to keep on telling yourself that your losses are just flukes. The bottom line is that you lost to somebody that the company values so little that they've sent him on his way, and a beast with no evidence of an operational mental capacity, That's not a good track record to have when going up against two of the best talents in all of RWK.

    "Even though the upcoming show is called Last Rites, nobody will be praying for you, and in fact, everybody will be laughing at you as Frankie -quite literally- puts his foot in your mouth and puts you down for good."

    With their points being said, Maria and Frankie smile as they share a kiss and smile toward the camera, which slowly fades to black.

    -End Segment-
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