Kayfabe Preview Show Last Rites: Azrael vs Grayson

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    The Prince vs The Angel
    @El Curry vs Aleks Grayson @Finniis


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    The shot opens to a loud roar of cheers and boos echoing through out what is presumed to be an RWK arena. Apart from the sound of the crowd, everything else is sheltered in darkness as the camera focuses on a little bit of light that can be seen creeping out of what looks like a small crack or slit. Suddenly a man pushes through the little crack as it is revealed to be the split in between the two curtains that lead to the stage. As the man pushes through the curtain the room illuminates with bright lights for mere seconds as the bright lights radiate into the room the man continues walking before entering a brightly lit hallway which is filled with producers and all types of men and women running around. At this point, the man is revealed to be Azrael.

    After several turns throughout the hallways, Azrael finally reaches his locker room door. As he turns to open the door, we get our first glimpse at his face. Azrael has an intense look of frustration on his face after losing the eight-man tag-team match one can only imagine the anger he has towards Alex Vander or more likely the unknown man who attacked Vander. As he pushes open the door, he takes a second to stop before he enters. Azrael turns his head to look down the hall where a loud commotion can be heard. He begins to walk down the hall where a large crowd is revealed to be surrounded by something. As Azrael gets closer, it is revealed to be a group of security guards carrying Ryan Vendetta out of the arena.

    At first glance, Azrael has a slight smirk on his face as he watches the demise of Vendetta, but upon hearing other people around him whisper his mood changes quickly. Azrael hears whispers such as ‘’I heard he got fired?’’ ‘’Yep he attacked Vander, and that was the last straw’’ Azrael bites his lip as his eyes begin to intensify with fury as he stares on watching Vendetta get dragged out. Azrael slowly approaches the guards and stops them for a second. It is visibly apparent that Azrael is trying his hardest to keep himself calm, but it seems months of pent-up anger have finally boiled over as Azrael reaches over the guards and slaps Vendetta before the guards quickly break it up. The security tells Azrael to get out, and Azrael scoffs, muttering the words “Pathetic” before walking away. Azrael begins cracking his knuckles in his hands as he walks away down the hall towards his locker room. Once he reaches the room, Azrael sits down on the metal chair and clenches his hands together as he stares at the wall, breathing heavily.

    ‘’Ryan Vendetta huh?’’

    Azrael looks as if something just went off in his head as he snaps. He stands up from the chair and immediately grabs it, picking it up and smashing it into his metal locker. The echoing sound of metal cracking against mental blasts throughout his locker room as he continues to smash the chair against the locker time after time after time. Azrael has this devilishly look on his face that forces the cameraman to step back as he fears for his safety. After around thirty slams of the chair into the locker, Azrael throws the chair onto the ground before pacing back and forth breathing heavily. One could only wonder what was going on inside the head of The Angel Of Death. Azrael wonders over towards the wall and throws a massive forearm into the weak plaster forming a small hole in the wall. Could it be that The Black Heart has even more hidden demons? Azrael turns his head towards the hallway which immediately prompts the cameraman to turn and rush out of the door as Azrael rapidly follows and exits the room, storming down the hallway. The cameraman decides to follow Azrael at a distance as after a few seconds Azrael reaches the office of Kristina Oliver. Azrael pushes open the door as Kristina looks at him in shock.


    "Hold on a second, you don't get to waltz straight into my office. This is a private, restricted area that can only be entered by my decree. In case you've forgotten, my family runs this place...not you, so you don't get to decide whether or not you go throughout any of the premises that we hire for our shows. And to answer your ridiculous demand, Vendetta's contract was terminated as of this morning. Now get out, before you annoy me further.’’

    Azrael's eyes light up as he knocks the lamp off the desk and leans forward getting into the face of Kristina

    ‘’I’m not here to play petty games… I want you to resolve whatever little issue you’re having with Vendetta, and I want him rehired…. I'M GOING TO PULVARISE HIM.''

    ‘’I’m going to give you ten seconds to leave my office before I call security and make you leave by force. As I stated a few seconds ago, Ryan 'Vendetta', as you call him, is fired, gone, disappeared. He now officially no longer exists as a contractor for this company. Do you understand now? We have already decided your opponent for Last Rites, one Aleks Grayson. I believe you have a history with him. Now, leave my office before you end up sharing poor Ryan Doucette's fate.’’

    Azrael smirks maliciously as he creeps closer to Kristina and begins whispering.

    ‘’Are you afraid of another wrestler being injured? Do you think what Vendetta did to Vander was bad? Did you think Studio 72 kidnapping those poor innocent people was bad? Well let me explain something…. I have some things hidden deep inside that I’ve kept caged for a long time, and due to recent circumstances, I am becoming unable to cage such things… I accept Grayson… I accept him as a message….. I am going to end Aleks Grayson’s career…. The blame will be placed upon poor little Kristina Oliver because she wouldn’t give me what I wanted…. In saying that Grayson will only be the beginning…. You have one month. If I don’t see Ryan Vendetta at RWK: Path to Destiny…. I’ll be back, and nothing will stop me from tearing this company to the ground…"

    Kristina stood frozen in shock misses the chance to reply to Azrael as he storms out of her office and proceeds to trace his steps back to his locker room. At this point, the cameraman follows but expects an end when he reaches the room. But once the cameraman reaches the outside of the door he sees Azrael attempting to sit in the broken chair, before throwing it across the room and sitting cross legged on the floor. Azrael gestures to the cameraman to enter and sit across from him. The cameraman proceeds and aims the camera directly on the face of Azrael as he grins unpleasantly.

    ‘’I feel as if the people witnessing my slight outburst are predicting that I’m turning into the very thing I preach about which is a man who now has his judgment clouded by anger and will eventually make a mistake because of such anger. I don’t expect these brainless slobs to think anything else, but allow me to expand a slight bit. I do feel mountains of anger within me, but that anger isn’t motivated by losing or self-doubt…. It is solely driven by one man who I want to get my hands on, but to get my hands on this man, I must prove a point... Enter Aleks Grayson… The unfortunate man who will be subject to my destruction come RWK: Last Rites. I don’t see you as any more than a stepping stone Grayson… I watched you tonight as you were beaten half to death by everyone from El Pecador to Al Blizzard… I understand that you can take a hit or a few, but I need you to understand that your resilience makes me very delighted…’’

    Azraels chuckles vilely as he stares into the camera.

    ‘’ The more punishment you can take Grayson equals the more punishment I can inflict… I plan to rip your limbs from your body as I offer no mercy to you…. As I inflict endless amounts of suffering and make you beg for forgiveness…. There will be no end….’’

    Azrael slowly opens his hand as he covers the camera with his palm slowly sending the shot into the darkness.
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    - Buried Promises -

    Written by: @Finniis


    "Don't make a promise you can't keep and don't say something unless you mean it." - Unknown


    *The shot opens up to reveal an endless cavern. The camera pans over the long walls, revealing them to hold the bones and skeletons of many unfortunate people. The shot continues going straight down the hallway as the skulls look directly at the camera, as if protecting whatever lies ahead from unwelcome visitors.This goes on for a few more seconds until the entrance to a crypt can be seen. Before entering it focuses on the skulls near the door, noticing that they have been crushed. The only thing holding some of them together is the black duct tape that held their jaw in place. The white writing on it is barely legible. It’s at this point that the viewers know that these is the same catacombs used by Azrael last month at Democracy Rules. The camera turns back around to the entrance as the sound of someone whistling beckons it. It enters the door, letting the light from the many lit candles show a man in the ancient resting place. He is sitting on top of a stone sarcophagus that is decorated in ornate carving. The man is laying on his side, posing like he is about to painted like a french girl. A smile emerges on his face, the signature smile of Aleks Grayson. He is wearing a set of worn blue jeans, black quilt stitched Converse high tops, and a Chicago Cubs faded tee shirt*

    Well … I bet you thought you’d never have to come back to this place, huh?

    *Aleks sits ups quickly and the camera can clearly see his light bruising near his left eye*

    I mean I half expected you to not show up … but you’re a man who does his job, I can respect that.

    *He takes a deep breath with his nose before releasing it a few moments later as he outstretches his arms*

    You’re probably wanting to know why we’re even in this place. Well I’ll give it to you straight …

    *The Crazed Prince hops down from the stone resting place and motions for the camera to follow him. With each step the dust is kicked into the thick air*

    My opponent at Last Rites said that this is where he would lay four people to rest last month … But obviously if you don’t know who your opponents are ...and there are seven others in the match ...

    *He turns to look at the camera, pointing a finger up*

    Then you have to make a casket for all of them.

    *Aleks turns back around, and begins tapping the other stone caskets that lay embedded in the wall, the camera turns and looks at the nameplates on them, revealing that they are all bearing the names of the men involved in the qualifier held last month*

    Otherwise you look like a cocky idiot … plus it’d be quite rude to lay someone to rest without having somewhere for them to rest … AH!

    *He stops and taps repeatedly on the nameplate of one, as the camera zooms in we see the name “Aleks Grayson”. The camera retracts to focus on the man who’s name is on the casket*

    Aww, he did think of me … how cute.

    *Grayson turns to face the camera, leaning on the dusty grave*

    Now I’ve heard what he had to say about our match at Last Rites … how he’s gonna “end my career” and how I’ll be a “stepping stone” on his path to Ryan Vendetta.

    *Aleks scoffs as he stands up and begins to grab the edges of the casket’s lid*

    I get it, you’re pissed off at ‘em … *he pulls* He single handily killed your … Hell … OUR chances at winning the damn thing. I mean … *he pulls* I wanna bash his head in too … and I just might after I beat you at Last Rites.

    *He pulls again, causing the stone to make a loud skidding noise as it is dragged along the opposing stone*

    But there’s something I gotta get first for the occasion. *He pulls* And there’s something I ought to bring up … *He pulls again* See, you said that I got beaten half to death last month and I won’t lie, I took some good hits. You also said that you’ll make mincemeat of me *He chuckles as he makes another pull* I want you to realize that I’ve been beaten far worse and I still came out on top.

    *He stops for a moment to catch his breath, rotating his right shoulder. He looks at the camera, a bead of sweat on his brow*

    Because I’m simple. Straightforward. Direct. I take punishment and I deliver it right back with more force … which is why I’m dangerous. Well …

    *He turns and looks at the nameplate, focused as if in a trance*

    It’s also because I have no concern for my own self-being and I enjoy the pain that comes my way and I use it to hurt others and find more enjoyment in their suffering because of some tragic event that happened at some point in my life that changed me into the man that I am today. The Crazed Prince. The Butcher of Black Haven.

    *Aleks closes his eyes and quickly opens them, raising his eyebrows as he exhales. Dust flies off the lid and he resumes pulling the casket lid off. After a few moments he steps back as the lid teeters on the edge, he then softly pushes it which causes it to come to the rock floor, causing a loud crash and bits of stone to shatter from it. As the dust lifts into the air the camera shakes because the man behind it is coughing.It takes a few moments but it eventually settles down, letting the camera once again center on the man*

    Here. We. Are.

    *Aleks reaches into the nasty grave and slowly pulls out a what looks like a weapon of some sort. As he continues to extract it we can see what it really is. An ancient looking Kendo Stick with many scratches and marks on it, implying that it has seen many battles. The usual tallies marks that adorn every one of his weapons can be seen here. A devilish smile is being worn by Grayson as he holds the item carefully*

    This is the mother of all Lucys. The original. She's survived thirty two encounters and is laced with stainless steel barbed wire, guaranteed to tear and cut the flesh of anyone I swing at.

    *He looks at the camera, his eyes burning with intensity*

    And since you’ve threatened to end my career, I plan to return the favor … except mine isn’t a threat …

    *The shot zooms in on his eyes*

    It’s a promise.

    *He winks with his right eye, making the shot fade out, ending the video*


    Mentions: @El Curry

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