Kayfabe Preview Show Last Rites: Kalmar vs Bass

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    Rookie vs Veteran
    Kameron Kalmar
    @Psycho Rangers vs Slate Bass @Project Jonny


    Only the competitors can post here.
    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on September 3rd British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
  2. The following video was filmed in MonoVision®

    Camera footage takes us (strangely not unlike one of the hallway shots of the first Child’s Play, for example) moving down one of the hallways of the Sunshine Motors Hotel, slowly moving past several of the doors until the camera pans to the side, looking over the slightly dusty door of room 2-G. Kameron’s room. A hand (most likely the cameraman’s) moves into frame from the bottom, reaching out to knock on the door three times.

    “Door’s open!” a voice, slightly muffled from the wooden door, called out from the inside.

    As the door was carefully opened, it squeaked rather similarly to the volume of a mouse. Being the first time anyone had the privilege of looking about Kameron’s abode, the cameraman took some time to look about the room, panning from right to left slowly as they took in every conceivable detail. The walls needed a woman’s touch; they were plain, a solid color of a lighter maroon, and had very few picture frames hanging from them. Any that were were mainly of Kameron in his youth, or Kameron with his family; his father, mother, and what looked to be an older brother…oddly enough, not of the same descent.

    The small kitchen space was clean--looked to have been cleaned recently. Some dishes and silverware in the sink, cupboards closed up. Counters and stovetop free of any sort of debris or residue. By the looks of things, he’d eaten recently.

    “How about Democracy Rules huh? Wasn’t that crazy last night?”

    Huh. Wonder who he’s talking to. To find out, the camera panned to the left, moving into what looked to be Kameron’s bedroom and entertainment space. It was averagely-sized, with a western-style futon couch-bed sitting on one side of the room next to the opening, the door to a closet located at its far end. Opposite this setup was a comfort chair (where Kameron sat) in the opposite corner from the closet, and a TV (one that appeared to be from the era of transition from big, blocky, heavy televisions to the flatscreens of the modern era) sitting atop a small dark brown stand, DVDs scattered about on the shelf below haphazardly.

    And then, about 2 or three feet to the left of the TV stood a trophy case, albeit one that was, oddly enough, empty. It had a backboard, siding and shelving made of oak wood, as well as glass doors. It was expertly crafted, but it sat there. Empty. The only thing sitting upon the surface was dust and it looked like it was collecting for a long while.

    “Yeah,” Kameron said into his phone as he looked towards the furniture across from him. “My back’s healing up fine, man, don’t worry. It drew a little bit of blood but the RWK physicians said I should recover just fine. Kalmars and glass don’t mix, eh? Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been to visit them, they picked out the best plot in the whole yard. I’ll probably go see them in the next couple of days. Okay. Yeah, love you too. You take care of yourself okay? Okay. yeah, bye.”

    Kameron exhaled after hanging up his phone, looking disappointedly at the trophy case, shaking his head very slightly. “…still hoping to get one for you two,” he mumbled, just barely audibly. “It’s been just out of reach.”

    The last thing we can see is a zoom on the picture frame sitting on the top of the trophy case: Kameron, his father, and his mother all together. The time’s coming closer…it has to be.

    The preceding program was filmed in MonoVision®
    And presented for viewers like you
    Thank you

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  3. Due to the request of @Project Jonny this match has been extended 24 hours so he can think SLATE. I worked hard on that pun.
  4. Coming back from a commercial, the crowd in attendance and the people watching at home are greeted to an unusual sight.

    Dead center in the middle of the ring, is a black grand piano with a matching black stool in front of it.

    To the right of the piano is a white board, with a matching white stool in front of it.

    The lights dim and a large spotlight covers the center of the ring.

    A second spotlight appears on stage.

    Once the music of Slate Bass begins, the woman involved with Slate Bass makes her way out onto the stage, wearing a white dress.

    She smiles and looks over the arena, before motioning towards the entryway, on cue with Slate's name appearing for the second time on the titantron.

    Slate Bass walks out, standing next to the stunning woman.

    In his hand is a Martini glass filled with straight-up Vodka.

    Slate Bass looks over to the woman, who blows a kiss in his direction and smiles, before pointing towards the ring.

    They both walk to the ring, the woman walking in front of Slate.

    Once they reach ringside, Slate amazingly downs the Vodka and leaves the Martini glass on the apron and makes his way into the ring as the camera focuses on the glass.

    The woman has made her way to the opposite side of the ring to retrieve a microphone as Slate takes off his suit jacket and rolls up the sleeves on his button down shirt before sitting on the stool in front of the piano.

    The woman enters the ring, standing in front of the white board, with microphone on hand.

    "Ladies and gentlemen of the Royal Wrestling Kingdom, you are witnessing a rare sight tonight."

    "For the first time since his initial return, my Torn Warrior, Slate Bass, is here in the flesh prior to in-ring competition."

    As the woman is talking, stagehands are fitting Slate Bass with a microphone on his collar.

    "Not only that, but for the first time ever, I am here."

    "Allow me to cordially introduce myself to all competitors, fans and corporate officials that are currently viewing this moment."

    "I am Eden."

    The woman now identified as Eden gestures toward Slate Bass.

    "Tonight, we would like to present you with a joint artistic demonstration."

    "This piece comes from the mind of the man to my left."

    "This magnificent, unwavering being is a beacon to the lost."

    "Now, Slate Bass and I present to you this artistic demonstration entitled 'World on Fire'."

    "Please, enjoy."

    The crowd falls quiet as Eden turns around and picks up a box of markers.

    The camera feed transitions to a side-view of Slate Bass lighting a cigarette at the piano, with Eden in the background.

    He takes a few puffs before placing the still lit cigarette in an ashtray atop the piano.

    Slate begins playing the opening of the song "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" by The Ink
    Spots. (song from Fallout 3 trailer, for reference)

    As he begins playing, the camera transitions to Eden as she starts to draw a human like figure, beginning at the feet.

    Slate Bass' voice begins to harmonize around the arena as he speaks live, for the very first time.

    "I don't want to set the world on fire..."
    "I just want to start..."

    "A flame in your heart..."

    "In my heart I have but one desire..."
    "And that one is you..."
    "No other will do..."

    Eden's drawing has began to progress, as she is now drawing what appears to be a smoking, horribly cut-up torso on top of a grey jean wearing lower body.

    The jeans appear to ripped to shreds and the exposed leg skin seems charred.

    "I've lost all ambition...for worldly acclaim..."
    "I just want to be the one you love..."
    "And with your admission...that you feel the same..."
    "Ill have reached the goal I'm dreaming of..."

    "Believe me"

    "I don't want to set the world on fire..."
    "I just want to start..."
    "A flame in your heart..."

    The drawing is now up to the head.

    The head is detached, with embers coming from the neck hole on the body, and smoke coming from the head.

    Slate begins the spoken word portion of the song.

    "I don't wanna set the world on fire, honey."
    "I love ya too much."
    "I just wanna start a great big flame."
    "Down in your heart."
    "You see, way down inside of me."
    "Darlin' I have only one desire"
    "And that one desire is you"
    "And I know nobody else ain't gonna do..."

    Eden returns to the torso and draws a heart in the middle of the chest.

    On the heart she writes "K.K.".

    Around the heart she draws flames.

    Slate begins to finish singing the rest of the song.

    "I've lost all ambition...for worldly acclaim..."
    "I just want to be the one you love..."
    "And with your admission...that you feel the same..."
    "Ill have reached the goal I'm dreaming of..."

    "Believe me"
    "I don't want to set the world on fire..."
    "I just want to start..."
    "A flame in your heart..."

    Slate slams his hands on the piano keys, creating a loud, ear rattling clinging noise from inside.

    Eden, having finished her drawing, stares at it with a smile, while Slate turns his head to look at her.

    Eden leans in and closely examines the drawing.

    She quickly draws a rose in the hair of the detached head and smiles once again.

    Slate picks up the cigarette from the ashtray atop the piano and begins to smoke it again.

    Once he does, Eden suddenly, and frantically begins slamming a red marker against the white board with her drawing as Slate stares with no emotion.

    Eden yells as she repeatedly slams it into the board, busting the marker, staining her hands/arms, her white dress and the ring mat with red ink.

    Once she stops, Slate stands and walks over to the white board, now on the ring mat.

    He picks it up as Eden walks over to the piano and lifts the lid open.

    Slate places the white board inside of the piano, and stands next to Eden in front of the piano.

    The camera changes angles to behind the piano, showing Slate Bass and Eden from the view of between the lid and the piano itself.

    Slate takes one more puff from his cigarette, grabs Eden's hand, and tosses the cigarette into the open piano, lighting the inside ablaze, sending flames out of it.

    Slate Bass and Eden stare at the flames as the feed begins to fade to commercial.
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