Kayfabe Preview Show Last Rites: Neilson vs Mata

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  1. [​IMG]

    The match of the cocky
    Vitor Mata
    @CBK_15 vs Will Neilson @Sanic


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  2. earn it

    The camera opens up to the view of a house, many fans may know this certain house as the ‘House of Neilson’, home to RWK wrestler Will Neilson. The view switches from outside the house, to inside the house, more specifically inside a bedroom, which is indicated by the king sized bed up against the wall. A figure stands in the bedroom and stares out of a window, not focused on anything, but standing there nevertheless. It then switches to a more clearer view of the back of them, their hair slightly scruffy, their clothes consisting of Adidas black shorts, no shoes but white Slazenger socks, a gray tank-top and what appears to be a pair of glasses.

    “I can definitely say that I tried my best at Democracy Rules, but ultimately, it’s not me going to Last Rites to challenge for the Imperial Championship… it’s the… 'better' man.”

    The figure turns around, it being Will Neilson, he looks into the camera with a small smile on his face. Taking off his glasses, he points at his left eye.

    “This was the first ‘Streets of Gold.’”

    He then points at his right eye.

    “This was the second ‘Streets of Gold.’”

    Both of his eyes appear swelled up, showing a purple shade underneath them. It’s clear that they were both caused by his match with Tyler Keenan, but despite it, Will remains in his usual jolly state of mind and puts his glasses back on.

    “I put everything I had into the match, and yeah… I lost. I didn’t follow through with what I said I would do, it’s a real shame that I lost to someone like Keenan, especially with what he did to pick up the victory. I’m not mad, I’m not angry at what he did, sometimes people get too desperate and that’s what Tyler was, he was desperate to pick up the victory. He couldn’t beat me, and if I’m being honest… without that low blow and eye rake, then I would’ve most likely picked up the victory. He can gloat all he wants, it’s his thing after all to be a cocky, arrogant dickhead, but at the end of the day, the best man was Tyler Keenan…. but only on that night. The best man overall? You’re looking at him, and it won’t be long before I kick Keenan’s ass back to Hollywood. Mark my words Tyler, the next time we meet will be different, because I know what you’re willing to do, and I’ll be the one walking out of the arena with my hand up high, whilst you lay on the mat looking up at the lights, I might even give you the second concussion of your career… that’d be a damn shame wouldn’t it?”

    Neilson has a slightly bigger smile now, and he leans against the wall next to the window, looking around the room but mainly focusing on the camera in front of him.

    “I could sit here forever and talk about my match with Tyler, but I’m not, instead I’m going to cut straight to the chase and talk about my upcoming match at the next RWK event, Last Rites. I take on Vitor Mata, the ‘Pride of Portugal’, but Vitor… here’s my initial problem with you pal. You call yourself the ‘Pride of Portugal’, and you don’t take into account that win and loss record? You aren’t the pride of your country, but you’re just the disgrace of it. The people back in Lisboa should be ashamed… like really ashamed of you for what you’ve done in RWK so far. I know you’re going to respond with your usual, ‘Look at my fake European Championship’, ‘I’m a black belt in… something’ and ‘I’m really dangerous’, but all of this stuff is just stupid, and Vitor… I could also say the same for you. Always talking about being this dangerous man who supposedly won the European Championship, and yet every single time, it’s ended in defeat for you. You told the world that Aaron Harrows would only have 5 minutes in the ring with you and that after 240 seconds you would apply the Mata Lock, then 60 seconds later the match would be over, and did any of those things happen? They didn’t, because you are a man who thinks that they’re number one, when in fact you are number 34, why 34? It’s simple really, there are 34 people on the RWK roster, and you are right at the bottom.”

    Will chuckles to himself, and walks over towards the bed, sitting down on it. He once again stares out of the window, the smile still on his face.

    “Continuing with your less than impressive record, you even said yourself that you are the reason for your own defeats and not your opponents. That’s a really stupid thing to say you know? You’re supposed to be the pride of your nation, really? You, the man who says himself that he is at his own fault for his own losses, all 6 of them, are supposed to be the pride of a nation. Wow. Calling people ‘donkeys’ as well? If anyone is a donkey, it’s you, because you’re an ass. If you’re smart enough to realize, 'ass' is a synonym to 'donkey', and I feel if I didn’t bring that up then you’d be probably thinking I’m some sort of idiot who can’t seem to think of any good insults, but trust me, I’m no Vitor Mata.”

    Neilson reaches over towards a desk and grabs what appears to be a championship. He holds it up with one hand, resting the other hand on the bed.


    “This is a championship that I won in another promotion, I won’t mention the name, so we’ll just call it a title that I earned somewhere else. The difference between me holding this up, and you holding up your fake European Championship, is I actually earned this, you didn’t earn shit pal. Now… I know, I know… you buried your ‘European Championship’ because Vitor was feeling a little bit sad that Aaron Harrows was getting under his skin, so he went into ‘super serious’ mode and threw his ‘title’ in the grave, finally coming out of this shell, but it wasn’t enough was it? You lost to Harrows, and with the threat of being suplexed off of the stage, you screamed various insults, and finally ‘I quit’. I realize what situation you were in, and the various side effects of what was to happen if you were suplexed off of the stage… well, you were… so I understand that you’re still feeling the effects of it. However, the fact of the matter is that nothing can help you prepare for me, Vitor, you’ve proven time and time again that you can’t get the job done, you’ve only followed through once, so at least you have something going for you… because otherwise beating you would be too easy. Whether you’re depressed or focused, you can’t follow through, and the statistics are there to show it, oh and another thing...”

    Neilson puts the title on the bed, and reaches underneath him, pulling out another title from underneath it.

    “Another one.”


    He places that title on the bed next to the first one, and walks over towards another desk, grabbing what appears to be a third title.

    “Another one.”


    He walks back over and sits back down on the bed, placing the title near the other two, a more sinister grin on his face.

    “Vitor, you have never earned a title, and with the way you’re going, you probably never will earn a title. I’m not using these titles as a threat, or as a way of saying that I’m a big deal, I’m bringing these titles out because I’ve earned them, and you can’t earn shit. These won't define me in RWK, and I don't want them to define me, but they're proof that I have the potential to earn gold in this company."

    Will grabs all three titles and drops them to the floor, he smirks one more time and looks right into the camera.

    “So Vitor… I’m expecting good things from you. Represent this country of yours, and don’t make me be the one who sends you back there, can you imagine all of those people in Portugal seeing their hero fall to an Englishman like myself… what a national travesty that would be eh?”

    Neilson gets up from the bed and looks out the window again. He smirks and points directly in front of him.

    “Let’s be having ya.”

    The camera fades to black, the image of Neilson pointing in front of him the last thing seen. Straight off his loss to Tyler Keenan, Will is focused going into his match with Vitor Mata, he can’t let Mata stop him right here. It will truly be ‘Pride vs Perfection’ heading into Last Rites.

    Le Mentions - @CBK_15
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  3. *The scene opens with Vítor Mata from behind, slightly limping down an old decrepit path with graffiti-filled exposed brick surrounding him on right side, on his left side the environment is open and desolate. His location is clearly abandoned. The ground he walks on is gravel and train track and various types of litter from the homeless, troubled youth, and everyone in between. The day is dark and bitter, perfectly and ironically reflecting the emotions felt by Vítor. As he walks he runs his hand along the exposed brick wall*

    “I can't truly express to anyone the cavalcade of emotions that I feel. On top of all that the physical pain.”

    *Vítor stops walking and running his hand across the wall. He kneels down slowly, and though his face is not yet seen, in obvious pain. He rubs his left hand across the gravel surface, his connection to this place must be strong as he is kneeling for what must have been an eternity*

    “The suit I currently wear covers the injuries I received on Democracy Rules. 15 stitches on my arm, 18 on my thigh, bruised ribs on both sides, a concussion, dislocated right index finger and broken right thumb.

    *Vítor struggles to get himself up, but he eventually does, and continues to limp onwards to his unknown destination*

    “Aaron Harrows, I will always hate you for what you are. You do have my respect however and I wish you good luck in your match, but just because you've settled the score, doesn't mean I have.”

    *Vítor reaches a scratched and scraped metal door. Vítor initially struggles to open the metal door, but gets it open via his own power. In the vast and dark room, barely visible in what appears to be the middle of the room is a chair.*

    “This significant of this place in my life is immense. An almost unrealistic amount of notable events happened to me in this one location.”

    *Vítor continues to the chair hurt, yet somehow confident in his tone and posture*

    “For instance, right over there...”

    *Vitor points at an area in the room on his right with his left hand rather than his right hand which has a cast on it, when he does this a spotlight turns on, illuminating that area*

    “That's where my first fight was. I had no experience whatsoever, I just need to support my mother and I. It was in a raggedy old boxing ring, completely bare knuckles. I won €500, a bruised up face, and a victory that night.”

    *Vítor reaches the chair and slowly sit down with a grimace of pain showing on his face.*

    “Over there…”

    *The camera pans as Vítor points again, and once again an area is lit by a spotlight*

    “Over there, I was beaten up by a British exchange student when I was 15, and since revenge is a wonderful thing…”

    *The camera slightly zooms out to capture another spotlight turning on*

    “About 20 meters to the left of that. I made sure he never walked again.”

    *The camera pans back and moves closer to Vítor in the chair. He bends over a little which provide another slight grimace.*

    “Now I could do this all day. Points and explain, all the things I've done or that have been done to me in this room, but I not. I will, however, give one more event, and as it's almost always tradition to do, I've saved the best for last.”

    *Vítor snaps, and a spotlight turns on this time illuminating the area where Vítor sits. This, of course, causes his eyes to close, and he very quickly puts up his left arm to shield his eyes. Seconds passed and Vítor places his arm back where it was as his eyes have now adjusted to the light*

    “It was at this very spot where I saw my father die. Yes, I watched him die. I was about 11, and he was beaten to death. A man trying to make ends meet, I suppose he was trying to make those ends meet the wrong way. Regardless of the fact that he had to deal drugs, he was still my dad, and an 11 year old should have to cradle his dad in his arms and watch the life leave from him.”

    *Despite the topic his posture is still and unmoving, however in his voice there is a very small amount unwilling sadness in it*

    “What's the lesson here? Perseverance. All these events I mentioned all have one thing in common. I persevered through them, just like I will persevere in Royal Wrestling Kingdom. I don't care what my win to loss ratio is, and neither should my opponent. Speaking of my opponent, Will Neilson. “Walking Perfection”, how fucking pretentious. He goes on and on and spouts off about how I'm a disgrace to my country.”

    *Vítor lets out a small chuckle, and sustains the smirk caused by the chuckle*

    “Win or lose my country is always behind me, and they'd be happy to know that at Last Rite, I will record a victory for Portugal. Will, I don't know if you've seen one of my matches, but just because I lost doesn't mean I didn't put my opponent through hell. I am dangerous and that black belt, in something as I believe you put it, proves it. Your statement that I'm at the bottom is simply false, considering I was just in a #1 Contender match and before that challenging for the then vacant European Title. By all means pull as many belts out of your ass as you can, there not going to help you when I put you on your back. That British kid I spoke of earlier, you remind of him, Will. I really didn't like him, on a scale of hate, I'd say he ranks higher than Aaron Harrows. I hated that kid so much I made him paraplegic. Think about that, Will, you're going against a man with the capability to make you “Rolling Imperfection”.

    *That smirk on Vítor’s face become the very familiar shit-eating grin*

    “So go ahead expect good things, you'll get great things in the form of my taking you down and maybe making you paraplegic, or maybe your face a canyon. I don't know how I'll dismantle you yet, I guess you'll find soon. Keep your head in the clouds about that Englishman beat a Portuguesa thing though, it might make a excellent fable for you to fall back on once I end your career.”

    *The camera fades to black and on the screen in white appears the phrase “Vitória para mim, vitória para Portugal” and the video ends.*
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