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  1. [​IMG]

    A massive showdown.
    @Alex Jones vs Red King @Grievous vs JUDAS @Botchie


    Only the competitors can post here.
    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on September 2nd British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
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  2. A Brick wall materializes from the white noise and expands until a suited man obscures them. His back to the frame as it pans out farther to reveal his location. Studio 72, Abandoned and boarded up. He turns toward the camera, revealing his sinister mask. He stares into the shot as if he’s looking through it to someone. Even through his face is hidden behind the mask his eyes wear a smile.

    Interesting, The Royal Kingdom takes its three heretics and throws them in the same ring in hopes that we do their dirty work. Each one of us could destroy this kingdom with little to no effort. They know this and want us to destroy one another to prevent it. ¿no es obvio? (Isn’t it obvious?) I wouldn’t expect …entities of your caliber to over look such an obvious scheme. ¡Estoy Iluminado! (I am enlightened), and I share this insight with you not in an attempt to form some alliance. I just want us all on the same level of understanding.

    Under normal circumstances I’d let you be, Spawn. I know what you are…what you’re capable of. I’m a fan of your work. Unfortunately our paths cross like this and I have to be your opponent. I’m not underestimating you it wouldn’t be wise. However I do have a proposal for you.

    A sharp cut and we focus in on some graffiti, on the side of the Studio. Nothing but a bunch of pieces of art sprayed over each other forgotten in a narrow alleyway. The suited man admires the wall of paint.

    You are a true force of nature, pure chaos and destruction in your DNA. All my other opponents up until this point have fought an unfocused and mindless beast. I was angry back then but now a day’s I can’t be that thing anymore. Estoy tranquilo ahora (I’m calm now) y calculated, I have to be for the sake of the 72. You are my first real challenge in some time and I look forward to fighting you. I want you to hold nothing back; I want you to come at me with all your might so that I may know my limits. Those are my true intentions in this meaningless bout, to test my limits for the mission ahead. I’m a leader now and if I can be pushed to my limits easily I’m not worthy of the title.

    He begins taking the mask undoing the straps behind the mask.

    I can only hope you reward me with the same respect I am giving you. If you underestimate me Así Que Sea (so be it). Just know that I too harbor a demon…

    The he begins to pull the mask off.

    That I and that demon are one in the same now…

    He turns to the camera revealing his face.

    You soy el Diablo.
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  3. - HELL FIRE & FURY - Spawn returns to the ring for the first time since his loss at Democracy Rules to make some things very clear to the RWK roster and the office.​
    - RWK Arena - 8/19/2017
    A video package plays over the live feed and on the screens all over the RWK arena where fans turn their heads and watch.

    A lot of fans cheer for the IWT veteran who shows no sign of stopping his destruction after losing his title rematch against Nick by the hands of the lumberjacks. Some fans boo him, showing that they have no empathy for him. But many of fans seem willing to see what else Spawn can do in RWK.

    The large superstar climbs out over the guard rail once his video package ends. He is wearing a large black hoodie with his mask as he grabs a microphone and rolls into the ring. The demon casually walks around the ring looking at front row fans as he snarls. He takes his time as the frustration all begins to flood back in since his titles were robbed from him again.

    I came to this place with one clear intention. I had arrived to take back what was mine. I wanted the IWT gold back in my hands, where it belonged. I had long ago collected and dismantled the relics of IWT, but the biggest prize of them all was swept from my collection by a greasy redneck weasel. I came here for him. I told you what was going to happen but sure enough the old RWK office had to go and get involved again.

    If I had not already dragged his sorry a$$ to hell, why I would think that Michael was running things here. For a company that prides itself on being better than IWT ever was, you sure have filled that company's boots. You are all snakes. Backstabbers and pussies!

    If there is one man you do not want to make an enemy of, it is me. See if you really do want to be better than IWT was, you are going to need to learn how to keep me in a good mood. I am a man all for second chances, but right now I am looking for revenge.

    The demon stops speaking as he looks over at a small security team walking down the ramp.

    Oh so now you can set out the security to come and escort me out? Not a chance in hell you idiots! I am here to lay down the law. Tonight I will expose this office for the rotten cowards they are. You made an enemy of me when you tried to stop me from ripping my titles of your ugly little champion, Nick.

    In a new age of war you picked a great enemy over a unstoppable ally. You f*cked with Spawn! Not only do you rob my title away from me twice, now you try and get rid of me by dumping me with two of this company's quite literal baddest monsters.

    You have spat in my face too many times RWK. If you thought what I did to IWT was bad, then god help you all. You have a price to pay for this attack on my accolades. It took nearly half your roster and the champ just to keep me away for three seconds...

    You won't be getting another three seconds. You are getting an onslaught of retribution. I will beat both your monsters in one night because I am Spawn. I will beat everything in my way because the game has now changed. I don't want my titles back... Not anymore.

    The demon then laughs as he rolls out of the ring towards the security.

    I want to see all those who stopped me from getting them...

    Spawn looks up to the security as he snarls. He tilts his head as he looks them in the eyes and he just laughs as they all erupt into flames and begin to flail around while screaming for their lives.


    He walks back over to the camera where he looks directly into the lens.

    This will be the final warning you get. After what I do to your company... you will wish that heaven was a place on Earth, because the truth is a lot more scary. There is nowhere you can hide. Tonight you will begin to understand the power that even my words can carry. You can blame yourselves for the blood that will be spilled. I will decide when this ends. You have started a war against an unstoppable force. You have signed your lives over to the tormentor.

    Now you will all witness my wraith and fury. And to you in the office right now. Know that this is a very personal attack. You risked the lives of others to try and stop me dismantling and breaking down this glass house, but in the end it was not worth it. They die in your name now. You will hold this burden, until I finally get my hands on you.

    The demon drops the microphone as he leaves his mark on this company very clear.​
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    Red King/Gaia Promo #12: Ripples In the Water...


    *The segment opens with some scenic shots of a beautiful fresh water river in
    the English countryside. Gaia is sitting on the river bank gently patting her pet
    rabbit on her lap as she sings a sweet song to no one in particular.

    A fishing rod is stuck into the soft earth next to her with its line extended into the

    The camera moves in closer towards her as she stops singing and looks
    straight into the camera, her eyes somewhat glazed over, her face unreadable.

    She begins to speak...the words seemingly spilling out of her*

    Gaia: Nothing is like what it seems...nothing ever turns out the way you want it to.

    *She pauses and looks down at the rabbit in her arms*

    Gaia: I thought we had more time...I thought I had more time...I thought we
    could do something special...something worthwhile for the animal kingdom.

    *She pauses again...with her voice shaking slightly when she continues*

    Gaia: When I close me eyes...all I see is the color white...so as you can imagine
    I'm not sleeping very well.

    *She pauses again for a few seconds*

    It is a beautiful day out...so I thought we should go fishing.

    *The young woman goes quiet again for a few moments before another voice
    is heard. Its the voice of RWK cameraman Jackson Pickett who is now revealed
    to be behind the camera filming this particular segment*

    Pickett: Gaia...do you have anything to say about the match at Last Rites?

    *A weak smile appears on the young woman's face before she replies*

    I would normally say something about the Red King's opponents...about
    the upcoming battle between a Monster, a Demon and a Beast...about how both
    will fall to the might of the King as he resumes his journey to sit on the throne...
    the throne made of rock & stone.

    *She pauses again clearly trying not to break down in tears*

    Gaia: But there will be no journey...no throne...no glory...because win, loose
    or draw...it doesn't matter...because while the Red King isn't afraid of anyone...
    and will fight all those who stand before him...even in cage...but I...

    *Another long pause*

    I'm afraid...because the white is coming for me.

    *The young woman gracefully stands up still holding her pet rabbit and walks
    away from the camera towards the nearby line of forest trees. The camera stays
    on her for a few moments before it swings back around to the beautifully still
    river as Pickett begins to speak out loud to himself*

    Pickett: You know...I really think she should be medicated. I've never met anyone
    who goes from skipping to suicidal so quickly.

    *The camera POV turns away from river and moves slowly towards a RWK
    van parked nearby before a splashing sound is heard. The camera turns back
    to the river to see the Red King slowly rising up out of the water, wearing a pair
    of knee high cut off jeans and his face heavily bandaged from the wounds he
    suffered at Democracy Rules. In each hand he carries a large fish by the tail.
    The beast is strangely walking completely upright with a slight limp, his left leg
    still feeling the after effects of his lion's den match. Pickett approaches him
    slowly and focuses the camera on the soaking wet animal*

    Pickett: Nice catch big guy...that's the biggest pair of perch I've ever seen.

    *The Red King holds up the fish to the camera before dropping both of the them
    to the ground as he begins sniffing the air and glancing around*

    Pickett: She went back to the tent big guy...she didn't really feel like talking today...she said she's not sleeping very well.

    *The beast looks at Pickett for a moment before appearing to nod slightly*

    I know this isn't going to work but what the hell. So...Red King...do you
    have any words for your two opponents at Last Rites?

    *The Beast cocks his head to the side for a second before shaking it in confusion*

    Pickett: Yeah...that's what I thought. So much for this "Clash of Titans" the fans
    were hyping up. You know...if you two don't care about this fight...then why should
    the audience?

    *The Red King simply ignores Pickett as he sits down on the ground and
    picks up one of the now dead perch*

    Pickett: Please tell me you are going to cook that.

    *The Beast grins slightly before biting into the raw fish with a sickening wet

    Pickett: Jesus H. Christ! I don't get paid enough to put up with this sh*t.

    *Pickett turns away from the feeding beast and quickly walks towards the
    company van once again. The camera is suddenly shut off which ends the segment*

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  5. Spawn continues to storm through the arena until he walks into one of the locker rooms. This one filled with various local performers not on the card. The demon barges in through the door with a violent groan as he chokeslams a small young man out from the room as the rest all follow him as they frantically rush to escape this raging monster. Spawn grabs a chair and sits on it as he runs his hands through his masked hair in boiling disdain. He lets out an agitated moan followed by a strong gruff of a breath.

    ?: Oh my... Dey really gone and pushed ya buttons 'aint dey?

    The demon ignores this voice as he soothes himself with a steady rock on the chair as he lets out a big sigh before slowly replying.

    Spawn: You have have been gone for a while.

    ?: Lotta tings to see.

    Spawn takes another deep breath as he sits with his head sunked over into his knees. He looks over at his mysterious associate.

    Spawn: I heard he is in town.

    ?: Dis true. But he not dare step foot in this ring again. He a changed man now yanno?

    Spawn stands to his feet as he now can think clearly. His mind is taken off his new hatred for RWK and is taken somewhere a lot older to him. He stands there and listens to the information from the mysterious man before he shakes it off and continues his current agenda.

    Spawn: Then Aids Johnson might as well remain dead.

    The mysterious man steps out from the light and makes himself visible as he jokes to the large demon.

    Spawn laughs as he snaps at the mysterious messenger.

    Spawn: Oh trouble is on the horizon. I don't need Aids Johnson to burn down this company. I want to do this with my own two hands. They must understand the agony that they have injected into my body. They must pay for their sins.

    Messenger: Ya seem pretty intent on destroying RWK, rather than having ya match at Last Rites. Perhaps you should focus on da battle rather than da war.

    Spawn: You think I should be worried about those two?

    Messenger: Ya think ya shouldn't be?

    The demon looks over at the messenger before growling and looking off into the corner contemplating the thought.

    Spawn: What do you know?

    Messenger: Bits and bobs. Odds and sods.

    Where to begin. El Diablo. More widely recognized as Judas Frye. Ya seem to be a bit of a role model. Kid thinks he is the devil. Says he is at his best, which doesn't mean much. He has a mask and claims to harbor a demon. Sounds like a pretty cheesy rip off to me.

    Spawn: How many El Diablo's have you witnessed, Messenger?

    Messenger: Dozens. Why da question?

    Spawn: Exactly. El Diablo is not a title that scares me. It is a title passed on to the second best. Unfortunately for Judas, the first best is stood here waiting to kick his a$$.

    The messenger lets out a deep dark laugh as he moves along.

    Messenger: Red King then. This one be a bit more complex. A man of few words and few manners. a quite literal feral beast. A man with no humanity in his soul. Sounds familiar eh?

    The man laughs as Spawn just shrugs him off as he continues to listen.

    Messenger: Got this girl called Gaia doing all his talking. She missing a few marbles too mon. Something not sitting right about dese two ya know? All I know is he be big and he be wild. She some sort of hippie. This be a new one for both of us.

    Spawn: If it looks cute enough I might make it a pet, but if it's an ugly beast I might just have to snap it's neck and watch it die. As long as that mindless ape is house trained then it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be afraid, that's not why I am there. I am there to beat both of them, and that aint changing.

    Tonight my focus is the Red King and El Diablo. After then, I will be installing my revenge. Tonight I turn the world upside down as I slay the monsters that everyone is oh so afraid of. I will show them a true monster. I will show them why I remain in this business when I have pushed so many out.

    Messenger: You are tha big shark in da little pond dis time. But this be a different fight. You got da experience. You got da brains, and you got da power. They both be wanting a fight ya know. Ya might even enjoy dis one.

    Spawn: I'm not here to enjoy it. I can't enjoy. The taste that has been left in my mouth makes me feel sick. A sickness that will be passed on like the plague. Their bodies will litter the street and pollute the halls with death. If RWK want a monster to fight their own, then they definitely lured one in. Let's just hope they can control their catch, or things could get seriously dangerous.

    Spawn lets out another sigh as he heads out the room to prepare for his triple threat match. The messenger simply bellows out a deep laugh as the superstar leaves, confident in his ability to win this match.

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  6. Under the dim street lights shines Judas’ mask. He holds it in his hand raising it to the light before his arm falls to his waist and looks into frame from a distance. He begins to cross the street coming further into frame. Unmasked, he stares into the camera with great intensity breaking the silence with dry laughter.

    All of this really is absurd…Lucifer wasn’t just some monster. He was the pinnacle of perfection punished because he was enlightened—because he wanted more than to dwell in a throne room for all his existence. I am no monster; I don’t belong in the ring with these two behemoths it just proves my point doesn’t it? To the royalty of this kingdom we are nothing but freaks. Not monsters or demons just simply freaks and weirdoes. That stigma is what I’m trying to kill; the 72 going forward will be no circus show, I will make the 72 ilustrado mean something.

    A rough cut focuses down another street. It’s empty and mute, only thing workings are the streetlights. A figure slowly materializes down the street.

    You’re a mystery, Red King. I don’t know why you’ve decided to come in to this rotten kingdom but who am I to question another’s actions I can only hope to guide them. I can only hope you pay attention to the very real threat that is Spawn and I hope you don’t underestimate me. I don’t need to match myself against you however I do want to study you.

    The figure walks closer with his hands in pocket.

    Descanse tranquil

    A sudden glitch occurs transitioning to what seems to be a security camera for a split camera before cutting out again.
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    Red King/Gaia Promo #13: Monster, Demon, Beast, Goddess...

    *The segment opens on a bright and beautiful English day with a RWK van
    arriving in the rear car park of the federations home office. The Red King
    (still with his entire face bandaged and now sporting a metal knee brace on
    his left leg) crawls around the car park on all four, sniffing the ground.

    Lead cameraman Jackson Pickett exits the now parked van and looks over
    at the beast with a sad expression on his face.

    Jackson had finally decided it was time to start asking questions...but first he
    had some gifts for the beast*

    Pickett: Hey...Big Red!

    *The Red King stops his sniffing and looks over at Jackson*

    Pickett: Gaia told me to give you this stuff!

    *Jackson opens the side door of the van revealing a large collection of paint
    tins as well as several brushes and rollers*

    Pickett: She said you like to paint? Or...you did like to paint at one time.

    *The Red King quickly trots over and inspects the contents of the van as
    a wide grin appears on his mostly covered face and his eyes gleam with excitement...
    even if they are as black as oil*

    Pickett: Okay...so there is a screwdriver in there to open the tins...and all the
    paint is water based...just in case you decide to paint yourself...or drink the stuff.
    I also want you to use the drop sheets I picked up. Don't make me regret doing
    this for you.

    So...there are plenty of different colors and brushes...so you know...get creative
    and have fun.

    *The Red King starts to laugh like chimpanzee while beating his chest happily*

    Pickett: Good...so do me favor and don't get any paint on the van okay.

    *Jackson then looks around the car park and spots several other vehicles owned
    by the employees of the RWK*

    Pickett: In fact...don't get any paint on any of the cars okay.

    *The Beast nods slightly*

    Pickett: Just what are you going to be painting anyway?

    *The Red King again smiles and points at the nearby unpainted concrete wall of
    the RWK office building*

    Pickett: Yeah...*Jackson nods as he speaks* that should work out just fine. Now...where is Gaia?

    *The Red King lets out several short barks as he motions downwards with his
    right hand*

    Pickett: She's in the habitat?

    *The Red King again nods slightly*

    Pickett: Thanks big guy...I'll leave you to it.

    *Jackson watches as the beast quickly starts unloading the paint tins from the
    company van, checking the colors as he does so before he himself turns and
    makes his way inside the back loading dock. The loading dock was incredibly
    clean and all the company's products had been stacked and clearly labeled.
    Gaia & the Red King kept the place tidy and organized as part of their...living
    arrangement with owner Josh Reed.

    They did technically live in the building...and they did both respect the company
    although Jackson himself was beginning to think there was something else going on...
    something strange...something secretive... something that just felt...off.

    Gaia had hardly been seen since the Democracy Rules event...and while the
    Red King had lost...it was the appearance of the woman in white that had clearly
    disturbed her...and distracted the Red King at certain key moments of the match but
    the hard truth was that Brad Adams was smart and he had a plan...and a back
    up plan.

    He had tried to talk to Josh Reed about the woman in white but his questions
    mostly went unanswered and he was warned not to get too close to any of
    the performers. The higher ups also refused to take a meeting with Gaia and
    explained that certain "outside parties" had shown a keen interest

    in the Red King...and these outside parties had money
    ...and like any company the RWK needed money to keep itself afloat.

    Jackson finally stood at the open doorway which led down into the basement.
    The underground space had been converted into a strange habitat where the
    Red King & Gaia lived...and he didn't much like going down there...even though
    he knew he was welcome.

    He quietly made his way down the metal staircase and stepped into the beast's
    lair. Dried hay covered nearly the entire floor...a vast number of large and small
    potted plants filled the room...several boxes filled with fruit and vegetables sat in
    the far corner...it truly felt like he had stepped into some kind of zoo enclosure.

    Jackson made his way deeper into the habitat before he noticed Gaia's pet rabbit
    hopping around on the hay covered floor. He smiled to himself as he finally spotted
    Gaia laying on her makeshift bed. Jackson quickly realized the young woman was
    asleep and he knew how important it was that she be allowed to remain that way.
    He decided his questions could wait...and waking her wasn't really an option.

    The beast would not approve.

    Jackson slowly turns to leave before spotting something else of interest.

    The Tome of the Red...

    Jackson glances at it for a moment before looking back at the sleeping woman.

    Perhaps I don't need Gaia to get my answers...

    Jackson quietly steps towards the book and reaches for it...before he hears a
    low growling sound.

    He freezes in place for a second before turning around to see the beast standing
    fully upright, now covered in bright green paint, staring at him. The Red King growls
    again baring his teeth as Jackson takes a step backwards*

    Pickett: Okay big guy...I'm leaving. She's asleep...and she needs to sleep. She
    hasn't been very...well lately.

    *The Red King glances at Gaia for a moment before looking back at Jackson*

    Pickett: I'm your friend big guy...I'm one of the only friends you really have...so
    don't do anything stupid.

    *A very human-like smile suddenly appears on the Red King's face as he takes
    a couple of steps away from Jackson...giving him enough space to leave*

    Pickett: Thank you.

    *And with that Jackson Pickett leaves the habitat and swears to himself never
    to venture down those stairs again*

    ~Several Hours Later~

    *Gaia had finally woken up after some much needed rest and was currently
    making herself some tea when she heard an all to familiar sound.

    The howl of a wolf...

    She immediately stops making her tea and quickly races up the stairs into the
    loading dock, looking around frantically for her King.

    She hears the howl once again and realizes its coming from outside and she
    sprints out to the rear parking lot, only to be blinded by the afternoon sun. She
    covers her eyes but before she can speak she seized by the Red King who picks
    her up by the waste with his left arm and covers her eyes with his right hand*

    Gaia: My King...what are doing? Now is not the time or place for...playing.

    *The beast lets out an ape-like laugh as he carries the small woman over to a certain spot*

    Gaia: And you are covered in paint! And now I am covered in paint!

    *Again the Beast laughs as he finally stands still and places Gaia back on her
    feet. The Red King turns her around and after a few more seconds removes the
    hand from over her eyes.

    Gaia is shocked by what she sees.

    The entire office wall has been covered in a giant 3 part mural.

    On the right side a masked figure dressed in black and red stands ominously,
    the Grim Reaper, Death itself stands behind him proudly, the way a father
    would stand behind their son. This figure is titled...Monster*

    Gaia: Spawn...

    *Gaia looks to her left and sees another figure also wearing black & red, but
    this being is clearly evil in appearance and is surrounded by many faces displaying
    dark elements of different cultures. Gaia realizes after a few moments who she is
    looking at. The figures is titled...Demon*

    Gaia: Judas...

    *And now the young woman focuses on the middle of the mural and what she
    see's nearly brings her to tears.

    It is a painting of the Red King, his antler crown on, his face and upper body
    painted orange & yellow and being cradled in his arms is Gaia herself, wearing
    nothing but flowers. The two of them are surrounded by trees and plants and she
    even notices her pet rabbit has been included in the mural, cradled in her own

    These figures are titled...Beast...and Goddess*

    Gaia: My King...its...so beautiful.

    *And with that the young woman turns and throws her arms around the beast of
    man and starts crying, the stress and worry pouring out of her through her tears.
    The Beast gently holds the crying woman for several minutes before she
    pulls back and looks into the his black horse-like eyes*

    Gaia: So...are you going to be ready for your match at Last Rites?

    *The Beast nods slightly*

    Gaia: And are you going to win?

    *The Beast nods again...this time with much more enthusiasm*

    Gaia: And I'll be there with you...my beast...my King.

    *And with that the two embrace once again as the segment fades to black
    before cutting sharply to white*

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