Other "Last Time Ever" (Super Show-Down)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    If you didn't watch RAW, this will contain a minor or major spoiler (depending on how you view it)

    With that being said, we have the upcoming PPV set to take place on October 6th at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in East Melbourne, Australia.
    The Undertaker and Triple H will be facing off again but this time it is being advertised as the "last time ever".
    I am not sure how good the match will be given Undertaker somewhat struggling the last 3 or 4 matches he has had but I am sure HHH will cover it up well.
    HBK is going to return next week to RAW to talk about his feeling with the match.

    I am fairly certain this may end up leading to him being a ref for the match but who knows.
    It isn't like it hasn't been done before.... Like everything else... *sigh*
  2. I'm looking forward to R-Truth vs Carmella more than this
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  3. Too bad WWE doesn't do Intergender matches...

    Also, remember in WWE "Last Time", "First Time", or anything of the sort are all false words.
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  4. Once in a lifetime!! ....then again the next year!
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  5. Bingo!
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  6. Wow...that match could possibly be the most annoying in wrestling history.

    And I'd rather watch that than 3 old has-beens stumbling
    around the ring trying to relive past glories.

    Nostalgia is Bullshit!

    Push the Younger Guys!

    Besides the Plank of Wood!
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  7. Now why Cena and Lashley? Lio Rush and Lashley that's money. That's like Matt Morgan and Amazing Red The perfect combination of strength and speed. Game set match
  8. 6th?.. Did you say October 6th?..

    Ladies of gentlemen, the biggest fight in UFC history is happening on October 6th when Conor McGregor makes his triumphant return to the UFC to take on the undefeated Russian from Dagestan, Khabib Nurmogemedov... October 6th is truly a special day in the 2018 calendar.

    Oh yeah, some WWE show is happening that day to.
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  9. What time is that on?

    Also, not sure why this wasn't moved to the proper section. My own thread. I'm slacking.
  10. Main card starts at 10 PM.. I've never been more hyped for a UFC/WWE show before.
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  11. I haven't watched UFC since Rampage still did matches lol I'm not big on it but I might check it out.
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  12. I've never heard of either of them...

    But you have fun with it though.
  13. No offense but I hope McGregor gets his fat mouth shut
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  14. This is leading to a tag match at crown jewel. That’s all this match is doing, no matter who wins, it doesn’t really matter.

    Also, off topic, I heard, and I know you hear this often, that stone cold might be actually taking a match at crown jewel. He will make so much $ from the deal, that he is supposed to have a 5 min match or so. Shawn is returning, seems obvious. And, the rock may be coming back as well. Crown jewel seems like it’s going to be bigger than mania at this point. It’s kind of sad that these stars are only coming back for giant ass paychecks, but I can’t blame them I guess. If it does happen.
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    Me too. He’s such an overhyped fuck. Hope he gets rocked.
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  15. It will never be a "last time ever"; in 15 years we'll have "the last walker & stretcher match ever" Undertaker will be using a walker to reach the ring; Triple H will be using a cane and stretcher to reach the ring and we will not be bowing to king of kings it will be yawning the peasant of peasants and the faded dark curtain of broken hips; yeah this will never end; two of the most boring talents and burials of all time!
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  16. Ugh i just hope they dont re-boot DX in 2018. If u wanna have HHH and HBK team up thats fine, but just stay away from the DX shit
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  17. That ending was beautiful
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    They where 3ft from us outside the ring it was Fantastic at the MCG :-)
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