Last year in October.....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. WWE PPV last year in October was the last time Dean Ambrose defended that US title WTF how can he still have the title after all these months without defending it? strip him of the title
  2. Jesus really? What a terrible reign.
  3. I actually read this information somewhere else today thats the last time he defended it. This is bullshit how can he not defend it for so many months when theres other talent backstage waiting around for an opportunity
  4. It's clear that he hasn't defended it in these past couple of months because everyone is too scared to face him.
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  5. This again?

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  6. Did Dean steal your purse or something, You have such hate towards his title run.
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  7. No one wants to approach him to take it off him. He is far too tough. It's stupid to be honest. He's too strong and talented compared to other midcard jobbers; defending it would just be a 2 minute segment. Needs to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion because of how STRONG and perfect he is. I love that you recognise his greatness as well BLFFL :emoji_slight_smile:.

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  8. I dont hate Dean I think hes talented but clearly he sucks at being the US champion he hasent had words with management about his reign hes just gone along with whats beng said to him he looks ridiculous having that belt tied to his trousers and not defending it. I think Dean will have to prove himself alot more when the Sheild split
  9. @BLFFL You do realise he doesn't do the bookings, don't you?

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  10. It appears to me that the main reason he hasn't defended it is because of his partake in Shield. As we have already started seeing Shield have spats between themselves, I can see the Wyatts beating them, and then Shield turning on each other and disbanding, after that we might see Ambrose defend the title a lot more.
  11. I agree but this is all WEE's fault. They decide to not have him defend his title and just walk around with it.
  12. Also, I'm afraid of Ambrose...look at him for gosh sakes!!!

  13. Have you ever thought that management are just too scared to approach him? Because of how STRONG he is?
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  14. Dean Ambrose can do whatever he wants.
    When are they going to start selling his merch? I want a shirt.
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  15. Same, for now that Explicit Ambrose Violence shirt will have to do.
    Also, that life sized cut out.:gusta:
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  16. I want Dean Ambrose to be the longest reigning US Champ so he can overshadow MVP
  17. I'm pretty sure that Dean is just holding the U.S title for Rollins or Reigns.
  18. the belt means nothing, who cares? stop pretending anyone gave a shit about the most irrelevant belt in WWE this side of the divas belt

    ffs Santino was us champ. who. cares.
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  19. Even if that's true, he can still defend it now and then :emoji_slight_smile:
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