Late 90s WCW/WWF Dream Feuds

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  1. Bill Goldberg. Stone Cold Steve Austin. You have the rise of Goldberg in 1998 and he was as popular as anyone in wrestling in 1999. He had an aura around him that will never again be duplicated in professional wrestling. He was undefeated, and a showdown between undefeated Goldberg and SCSA really still at the height of his popularity in 1999 would have been any wrestling fan's wet dream.

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    Sting. Taker. People still dream about these two facing off to this day. Imagine a clash of these two amazing gimmicks, Crow Sting vs MOD Taker. In their primes. In 1998/9. In many ways you could argue that Taker is THE face of WWE (certainly in a post-Hogan era) and Sting is easily the most synonymous name associated with WCW. The feeling in the air before a match featuring these two would be awe inspiring.
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    Two completely hypothetical matches, as they never would have happened and we will never get them now. But, of these two dream match ups, which would YOU have rather of seen, and which do you think would have been the bigger draw?
  2. DDP vs The Rock is my dream WCW / WWF crossover feud, I was never a huge WCW guy but those two battling in a face vs face encounter would have been incredible. Such a shame DDP chose the stalker route instead.
  3. DDP was super over in WCW, and Rock was becoming huge in 1999.. Imagine if you had Rock show up to confront DDP on Nitro in '99. :fap:

    Obviously though that match wouldn't have been on the scale of these other two. Which do you think would have gotten more buys, a properly built Austin/Goldberg match or Sting/Taker? Both would be huge, but I think Austin trying to snap a 100+ match winning streak of Goldberg's at say Wrestlemania 15? Good god
  4. Ah bugger missed that bit, thought we were just doing dream crossover matches. The only person who was closer to being hotter than Austin in 98 was Golderg so that would have outdrawn everything at that time IMO, possibly the biggest buyrate of all time. Both had that aura of the big fight feel, I'm interested to see where it would be hosted in all honesty, the Georgia Dome match vs Hogan still makes me wish I was into WCW at the time. Both were huge but Austin walking into Goldberg's world holds more effect than it going the other way for some reason.
  5. Yea I almost added into the original post that the match should have been at the Georgia Dome in front of 70k WCW marks, really would have added a great dynamic.
  6. Both of those are legitimate dream matches but let's not get silly about it - Austin/Goldberg would have been by far the bigger draw.

    DDP/Rock is another good one, though it wouldn't have drawn the hugest buy rate. DDP/Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 1998 didn't do a very good buy rate that I recall (though it did a big rating on free TV the next night.)

    I would have loved to have seen Austin do battle with the NWO (instead of the Hart Foundation) and make it way to facing Hogan in the biggest dream match of all time, the two biggest draws of all time against one another in an angle that makes sense.

    The New Age Outlaws vs The Outsiders was a dream match as far as tag team action back in the day. Actually, NWO against DX in general was. Imagine Hogan/Hall/Nash/Savage vs HHH/Gunn/Road Dogg/X-Pac. You would have also had the cool angle of Syxx/X-Pac being a apart of both groups at one time. If Shawn Michaels could still wrestle at the time, it would have made it even better.
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