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  1. *Antonio and Chris are being filmed walking towards the ring, they have pissed off looks on there faces, the crowd are booing loudly and there music hits*

    *They walk out together they look at each other and bash there forearms together and begin to walk to the ring, the crowd are completely not behind Chris and Antonio, in fact some trash flies over the barricade which looks like it angers the two men even more, they climb into the ring and they both grab mics*

    Will, buddy I heard what you said, haha, you don't know who the hell you're talking to, I have changed, my dad, Anarchist taught me everything he knows, you Will know him very well, and you know that at the flick of a switch he could snap you he could break the arm, I learnt from the best, yah know Ric Flair used to say 'To be the man... you have to beat the man'
    *The quote of the Nature Boy sends woos throughout the arena and they slightly cheer and then Antonio begins to speak again which receives loud boos*

    And to be quite honest Will, I'm one of THE guys in Precision, so you have to beat me, to be the man. Just because your getting a championship shot before me, it means nothing!! Absolutely Nothing!!! The fact that management obviously like me more than you, I got you a MaccyDs mate aha.
    *Chris goes to speak and says a few lines before Will Neilson music hits and interupts the two men*
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  2. *A glass shattering effect is heard and Neilson comes out to his usual theme song, the crowd reaction is monumental and Antonio looks pissed, Neilson grabs a microphone and walks into the ring.*

    Will: TOOOOOOOOOOOOONY! How have you been bud? I see you brought Big Boy Chris along with you.... oh and I'll be taking that.. *Will snatches the McDonalds from Antonio's hands, he is clearly hungry.* OH MAAAAN!!! GHERKINS?!?!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?! *The crowd bursts out laughing, Chris is looking piiiiised and so is Antonio.* Anyway, that aside.... you want a No Disqualification match with me... eh? Unfortunately, you won't be getting that for quite a while, you see I have Alice Xander tonight... and Billybob Bronson at the PPV. Your too late, maybe we can have that match in the foreseeable future. I was thinking aswell..... most groups/tag teams usually have some sort of name don't they? I've got the perfect one for you two!

    *Will holds up a whiteboard with the words PONY AND PISS on it, the crowd are literally dieing of laughter at the moment.*

    Will: You see, your name is Tony, so I call you Pony, and your name is Chris so I call you Piss. Oh and one more thing....

    *Will Neilson dives at Antonio with a Jumping Clothsline and hits him right on the nose, Chris goes to attack Neilson but Neilson low blows him and throws Antonio out of the ring. Chris Parks is trying to get up, Neilson is in the corner readying 'Brain Dead'. He runs at Chris and punts him, Chris Parks is out cold. Antonio Stark gets back in the ring with a chair but Neilson dropkicks the chair right in his face. He puts the chair around his head, and lifts him up on the shoulders, he spins him round and nails him with the 'Game Over' swinging jawbreaker. Once Antonio lands, it looks like he has a broken jaw. Will jumps over the barricade and celebrates with the crowd to end the segment.*
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