Latest HHH vs McMahon news; Makes no sense at all

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  1. Why is HHH going to be a heel in a feud where he wins the company? Shouldn't this be a celebratory thing? Vince is so awesome in his crazy-heel mode, and there is no reason to turn HHH yet. Sure, do it AFTER he wins or something, but HHH needs to be the face in this feud. The feud is based on Vince's old fashioned beliefs (hating small wrestlers) vs HHH's modern beliefs (loving them, independent wrestlers, etc.) - where is the logic behind HHH losing to some face at Wrestlemania?
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  2. A twist to Vince's "conquering hero" would be if he was forced to work with Bryan.
  3. HHH turning heel wouldn't make sense, he has to win the company and he's suppose to be the face in that.
  4. The only logic I see in this is Danielson mentioning Vince 'always being honest'. Looking back at the Cena promo, maybe Vince was right....Cena doesn't respect Danielson and Vince said so in Danielson's face on live TV.

    If Triple H turns heel he's a flat out liar...if Vince turns babyface it just makes him honest, after you can't fault a guy for what he genuinely believes (and has profited from)

    I'm not excusing the storyline, I'm only providing perspective.... remember it was Vince who didn't like Maddox screwing Bryan... it was Vince who wanted a fair ref for Summerslam... Vince hasn't lied once through this storyline
  5. Why are there so many changes on the ideas?! :((
  6. Fucking McMahon, dude.
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  7. I know, but it's so hard to see those changes...
  8. I agree. I just want someone else to take over to prevent these awful decisions.
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  9. inb4 WWE reads this post and they put Steph in charge.
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    This was the obvious intended idea back when they actually had Austin/HHH in mind for next year's Mania, because no way was Austin portraying a heel or defending a heel (though Vince was still his biggest nemesis of all time.) So no surprise they still want to go in that direction even without Austin involved. Makes no sense, of course.

    I'd love it if they went the WM23 route where you have two businessmen (Vince/HHH here instead of Vince/Trump) choosing people to represent them in a match, and you could highlight two (young) superstars in a big way like the way Lashley/Umaga were. But I guess HHH not fighting for himself would make him look weak as long as he can still go, not to mention I can't see him NOT performing at WMXXX unless he isn't able to, and he is.

    Bryan/HHH would be awesome but HHH would have to be heel and turning him heel during this angle is retarded.
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  11. I'm confused as to why they'd have Triple H turn heel instead of Vince McMahon. I'd rather have Vince McMahon as a heel as he's against small, non-co-operative look and non-marketable guys, whereas Triple H is a fan on them. I don't see any common sense in this, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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