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  3. His return will probably be shortly after the Royal Rumble to build a feud going into WrestleMania.
  4. Cant wait to see my man back
  5. Wondering who he'll face at WM. As long as it's not Rock, fine.
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  6. What happened to Hooka T? That was the Lil' Wayne of usernames. My bad one was totally in awe of your terrible one.

    Whatever, nice Meltzer report you have there. "There was talks of later this year but it's probably next year" anyway just to use it as discussion topic him returning at the Rumble is about what I expected. With Leo with Rock/Brock being terrible but at the Rumble it would be fine, but just so he can put over Punk at SS in an epic match to blow off this feud and give Brock a big win to make him look awesome going into a WM match with Taker.

    Wins and losses are magnified with Lesnar, since he works so little you remember so much. The problem is if Punk will go over at the Rumble, chances are it'll damage Brock a little since he's lost all his feuds... but then again his contract the past few years has required 3 PPV's out of the guy, so he can put Punk over at RR before killing a bunch of dudes in the Chamber before Wrestlemania. (Seriously, can Brock work the Chamber? They could print money off of that)
  7. Agree about not wanting to see Rock/Brock. It's not even the fact that it's two part timers, just that it's predictable and would pale in comparison with their 2002 feud. I'm also more eager to see what WWE would do to help promote Mania next year rather than just largely relying on The Rock to sell the show for them.

    Brock will definitely be working with Punk in a rematch if he comes back for Survivor Series. Which I find disappointing, since if he and Punk were gonna work a rematch at the end of 2013, the hell in a cell match at the PPV later this month would have been most appropriate. Still, WWE believes that Survivor Series is still one of the big four PPVs of the year (which it isn't, as evidenced by WWE nearly scrapping it twice) so I can see why they'd have their rematch at Survivor Series to follow up their Summerslam bout.

    If Brock doesn't return till the Rumble, then he's either costing Punk the match to set up their rematch at Wrestlemania or (far less plausibly) winning the WWE Title at the event so that Punk can win the Rumble and set up their rematch at Wrestlemania, which culminates in Punk defeating Lesnar and becoming champion at the same time. If the rumors are true that WWE want to turn Lesnar baby face after Mania next year, then that could be the logic of it... Heyman ranting at Brock for not only losing to Punk but losing the championship to him and the result being something involving Lesnar F-5ing Heyman or Heyman having Ryback attack and destroy Lesnar (setting up Lesnar/Ryback for later) or whatever. I really can't see Punk and Lesnar going at it at Mania with the belt on the line, though. I find it hard to believe they'd fight again at Mania at all, given the disappointing Summerslam buy rate, which the Punk/Lesnar feud shares part of the blame for.
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