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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 6, 2012.

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  2. My ass. Last year's summer angle got killed off once Trips was involved in it. I'm pretty sure much people already forgot about the lesnar/trips feud.
  3. I've heard they're saving alot of his appearances for around Wrestlemania next year because they want him to feud with Taker and there's also rumors of The Rock vs Brock Lesnar.
  4. As long as they dont mess things up, ill be happy. Brock should definitely win the title, but only to put over younger talent when he loses it. Would love to see Dolph vs Bork. i know it would never happen though
  5. Brock should win the title I think but don't know enough about it yet so dunno what will happen.
  6. Brock doesn't need the title to get over, but having it carried by Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Ziggler, Rhodes right now is helping.

    Brock, Rock, Undertaker, HHH, Cena (in all honesty) don't need titles to headline PPV's. A lot of folks are decrying how "unimportant" the WWE/WHC titles have become, but wrestling has had these kinds of characters since it became national (rather than regional, when a guy had to carry a belt because he wasn't immediately known to the people in every town; a championship was necessary for "Charlie Brown from Outta Town" to get immediately recognized as a badass). In his WCW run, Hogan didn't need to be world champ (even though he was), because everybody knew who Hogan was and respected him even though he wasn't the champ.

    Since then, it's like there are four "divisions" for single, men's performers (or five if you have Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight): the lower card (which doesn't have a title, and partisans of the IC/US titles don't want to see "their" belt lose prestige to become the lower-card/tertiary title, which is what the WCW Television and WWE European Titles used to be), the mid-card (who compete for the IC and US Titles), the main-event/mid-card/upper mid-card (who competes for the WWE and WHC titles), and the "permanent" main event (guys who are always going to be over and known regardless of whether or not they're carrying a belt.

    Brock is, for better or worse, in that last group and has no need to be WWE Champion.

    Unless, that is, they want to elevate one of those upper mid-card guys to the "permanent" main event. If you had Brock become WWE Champion (this is what an earlier poster basically said, too, by the way), just to lose the WWE Championship to CM Punk (for example), it should push that performer into the "permanent" main event. (BTW, I don't know if Punk would be the guy; prior to Orton's latest suspension, I would have put him in the role of the guy that beats Brock to get elevated, but I don't know how said suspension affects WWE's view of him....and, no, for the people who just screamed at me, Randy is not quite part of the "permanent" main event yet, although I would have sworn he would be soon before the latest suspension; he and Punk are both in the upper echelon of the upper mid-card).

    At least that's how I'm seeing things right now.

  7. I hope he returns soon I wanna see him kick more ass
  8. Lesnar/Bryan needs to happen at some point.
  9. Brock vs. Undertaker for the World Champion at WM29, Rock Rumble Winner vs. WWE Champion Shumus ,CM Punk that is if Stone Cold is still wrestling CM Punk at WM29, And this is a BIG IF Daniel Bryan idk if that will at 1 post in the next 6-7 month put the WWE Title on Bryan but I to think about? ,and or Randy Orton as a heel since that hate 1 another after the blow up at WM27 for the WWE Champion if Orton still with the compuy?!

  10. Lesna should be simply used to put young talent over, with or without the title. Considering that he has limited appearances, I'm not sure they'll give him the title, not to mention that we're unsure about his future in the company. Him losing to Bryan or something would make the young guy's career.
  11. Bork smash. I would love it so much more if Big show's angle was done for Bork. Unfortunately, it isn't. I would KILL to see a bork run where he goes and ruins a couple random GOOD matches, like how show beat kofi-truth...have him go and destroy them during the middle of a tag team title match where they are actually losing to a team for more than 30 seconds, giving extreme heat to him, and giving people the chance to get more interest in how the tag team match was badass, but ruined by the incredible bork. I dont get how big show destorys dudes like that, it's like Kane. No one seems to realize the best way to beat a giant who cant run (khali is a great example) is to hit and run, you arent going to body press him off the ropes to the ground. Random opinions, but still, all mine.
  12. Book Brock like early Mark Henry (hall of pain gimmick) and we're sorted.
  13. Lesnar signed a multi-million dollar contract, I'm sure when he signed he knew that he was going to "lose to Cena" and he probably didn't care in the slightest. He will probably get buried by Triple H and the exact same thing will occur, him losing. I hope that isn't the case.
  14. How was he booked?
  15. He destroyed everyone in his way. Breaking Kanes, Big Show and the Greay Khalis legs and ramming Sheamus through the barricade.
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