Latest on Cena's "troubles"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 3, 2012.

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  2. It would be sad for him to be broke if you take in consideration how hard he works for all the money he gets.
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  3. To be honest if he was broke I'm sure WWE would increase his wages temporarily or something.
  4. Probably. He deserves it. I also think he deserves a break, a vacation or something like that.
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  5. Well it was reported that they might use Big Show to give Cena a vacation. You're right, he definitely needs a break.
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  6. Cena's getting a vacation? Well, that's good. Even if it's Show who'll give it to him.
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  7. Well it was reported, it's still a rumour. If it's the case it means I'm winning this bet :boss1:
  8. Jesus Christ thats a heck a bill thats been racked up I hope its gets sorted out
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  9. Not nessesarily. If Cena is going on vacation WWE wouldn't want him to go with a loss. Plus he lost at OTL.

    If anything Cena will spend all his energy fighting Big Show/Ace he will be injured after he wins.


    its funny. kobe bryant spends more than this on a single visit to the strip club. lol
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  10. If Cena is broke he must have worse money management skills than most professional athletes, which would be flat out pathetic.
  11. *looks at all that money* ............
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    I'm sure he'll be alright though, Cena isn't exactly the stupidest person on Earth, he just need help managing his money or something.
  12. Poor guy needs time to rest mentally and physically.
  13. I wonder what storyline they would use to write him off the show if he did have a break
  14. Vince: Have ACe put a bounty on him and then have every single heel in the company come out and beat him bloody and have him driven out in a ambulance driven by Lesnar.
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  15. YOUUUUR HIIIIIIIRED!!!!!!!! :annoyed:
  16. God I'd love that.
  17. Cena comes back around survivor series as the last member of the team to face Team Johnny. Much more bad ass and interesting. Blending marine Cena and Dr of Thuganomics. Or possibly at the Royal Rumble like last time he went away. Having him come out as number 1 and lasting until the end.
  18. I can't understand how they're saying that he's broke, I mean the guy works the hardest of all superstars, is the face of the company and has the highest salary so how could he out of everyone be somewhat broke?
  19. He is most likely not broke but he had some very large bills that he didn't pay. He's not poor it's most likely that the wife didn't pay bills on time that was the straw that broke the camels back.
  20. I'd lol if he's just hiding his money from his bitch wife.
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