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  2. My wrestling-fan friend mentioned seeing some sort of ad (poster or something) for BFG when she went to the movies last week. She mentioned us trying to go see it. Thought it was interesting they're showing a wrestling event in that format.
  3. I guess Hardy winning the belt would would be okay, as long as they still spotlight the homegrown talent. The fans can come for Hardy and stay for Joe/Styles/Storm etc.

    Kinda liked the Gut Check Guy this week... He was just a guy trying to make it in the wrestling business... no sob story or other bullshit...
  4. Kinda lame. I love Aries as champ, this will kill a lot of his momentum..
  5. Hardy can win, and next month AA can take his title back. AA > Roode > the rest.
  6. Roode > Aries, sorry brother.
  7. :true:
  8. Roode = Aries. They're both the shit.
  9. Pretty much this. Though I do prefer Aries a bit more.
  10. I prefer Roode. :smug:
  11. Opinions:tough:
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  12. I want him to be champion!!
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